Beautiful World | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone,

I hope all is well and that you’re enjoying your summer so far. Lately I have been doing lots of writing for more practice and to start building up a portfolio. I even applied for three writing internships and I hope I get into one of them.

“Beautiful World”

We live in a beautiful world
despite the adversity that plagues us.
There’s something empowering about
brushing the dust off your shoulders
and pushing forwards.
Even if you’re walking
or if you’re crawling,
you’re still moving forwards.

We live in a beautiful world
and I want to capture it all in
twenty six letters.
I want to paint pictures that
no artist can ever paint
because each of my single paintings
are different.
I want to sculpt emotions and characters
that make you feel anguished
or filled with joy
despite it being just twenty six letters.

We live in world
in which artists are busy capturing beautiful things
yet everyone is moving too fast
to stop and stare.
We live in a world
in which artists cannot fully capture the beautiful things
because they are too busy defending themselves
that yes this is what they want to do.
We live in a world
in which artists and engineers are on different tiers
even though
we both create beautiful things.

This poem has three layers. The first layer talks about the raw beauty of the world. The second layer talks about the privilege of being an artist and the third layer talks about the struggles of being an artist. The layers are broken up by each stanza.

We are incredible people. We are capable of doing so many things and even if it’s small compared to others like organizing papers, it’s still a great feat. There are times when you should consider yourself as an individual rather than blending in with the entire group. It’s also quite amazing how we’re able to push forward after we’ve been hit with whatever kind of difficulty. Even if it may take a while to move on, we are still able to.

Because of these awesome feats, there are people who want to capture it whether they write about it, film it or draw it. Being an artist is a large umbrella term for anyone who creates and as a writer, I consider myself an artist. All I want to do is capture everything to emphasize the beauty and preserve it. The world is our canvas.

Yet, artists aren’t always looked upon favorably. It’s always a constant concern of the artists not making enough to sustain themselves so people would divert us from this field. There’s a reason there’s the phrase, starving artist. It’s difficult to simply create and to sustain ourselves because there aren’t that many people who would take the time to understand the painting or the story someone has written. The world is moving too fast when all the artist want to do is slow down the world and show everyone the beauty of the world. There’s also an instance where artists are told to be something else that is more successful when other professions also create things, but with different materials. Some engineers create codes and teachers create inspiration in students.

The moral of this poem is to give the artists a chance because everyone is an artist just with different fields and materials.

Love the world and have a nice day,



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