Red Ribbons | Quick Piece Breakdown

Hello everyone,

Red Ribbons

I hope you enjoyed “Red Ribbons” and I decided that I’ll post my short stories on Sunday and then post the Quick Piece Breakdown on Tuesday. That way, Thursdays are still reserved for Poetry Breakdowns.

I wrote “Red Ribbons” after not writing a short story for a while, so this isn’t my greatest piece. It’s about a girl who was too afraid to go outside because she thought this was something out there would harm her. The girl would discover that there is nothing to be afraid of and she isn’t alone in the world. I tried writing this story from a innocent and childish point of view to emphasize the fear, but to also make the fear not as big as it seems. No matter what she does, she finds that she cannot hide from what’s scaring her. There’s also the added element of combing her hair so that it would be pin straight. She keeps her eyes closed so she doesn’t even know if her hair is straight or curly. I think hair may be used as a literary symbol in which straight hair may represent peace while curly hair may represent disorder. Throughout the story, she wants beauty as well as peace. At the end of the story, she actually has curly hair and she embraces it as a part of herself. She could also finally put in the red ribbons which could symbolize her new found freedom and she’s embracing that as a part of herself. She can finally do what she wanted to do.

When she finally steps outside on her birthday, she sees all her neighbors doing things that we would normally categorize as ordinary, but she finds it to be extraordinary. The world she steps out into is kind of utopia because everything is perfectly ordinary. It’s a sunny day and everyone is outside enjoying the weather and even her neighbors are initiating conversation with her. I wrote the children book author in to symbolize that you could simplify life. Do what you love to do and you’re basically all set.

I wrote this piece to emphasize simplicity as well as not holding yourself back too much. This piece may also be understood better if you knew me personally or if you’re a fellow writer. If I presented this piece to someone and they read it just for enjoyment, they may not pick up all the symbols and themes as fast. That’s something I have to work on- to write for a wider audience and not just for fellow writers.

I hope you liked the first Quick Piece Breakdown and have a nice day!



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