Red Ribbons | Quick Piece

There once was a girl and she was afraid. The world was too loud and it terrified her so much so that she refused to leave her house. Every single day, she would hear loud banging noises that were accompanied with bright flashes. If she covered her eyes with her hands, then she would be safe from the bright flashes, yet her ears are still exposed. It was one thing or another and she would still feel scared. She would wake up and never open her eyes because she would be afraid of the bright flashes, but she still found herself jumping from the loud bangs. She would comb her hair so that it would be pin straight, but she would never know because her eyes would be closed. She always wanted to braid her hair and have red ribbons in her hair, but she didn’t want to open her eyes. Therefore, she would have no ribbons in her hair. The only time she opened her eyes were when she had to make something for herself to eat. All the food would end up being spilled everywhere since she would jump every time there was a loud bang or a bright flash. Ever since she was little, she was always afraid of the world, but she never knew what caused the flashes and sudden banging. On her birthday, she decided that she was going to discover what was causing the banging and the flashing. When she woke up, she was startled by a bang and almost changed her decision. Was it too rash? Would she be risking her life? She combed her hair so it was pin straight and braided it. She walked to her front door and unlocked it. She stepped outside and inhaled. The air smelled safe, so she wasn’t afraid to breathe in the outside air. She felt around and nothing bumped into her so the outside world felt safe so far. She eased her eyes opened and saw a clear sky. She heard cars rumbling on the roads and the sun catching the car’s mirrors. She saw children playing basketball in the streets, shouting with glee as the winning team scored another point. She saw ladies lounging outside, getting a nice tan and some were reading books. She saw men doing landscaping in the yard and she nearly burst into tears. For years, she kept the blinds shut because she was afraid that the bright light would leak into her house. She kept her windows tightly closed for years because she was afraid that the loud banging sound would enter and hurt her. In reality, there was no bright flash and there was no loud banging noise. It was summer and time was passing, but people are making the best of it and enjoying their time. The girl closed the door behind her and sat on her step watching the world go by in awe. She stayed outside when it got dark for she realized that even in the dark, there were still sources of light so that it was never completely dark outside. Her neighbors would come and talk to her, asking her how she was. She found out that she had some pretty interesting neighbors. One was a teacher and another was an author who writes books for children. She asked him why and he simply shrugged and said that he liked seeing children smile and laugh. She had expected a more complicated answer, but it was actually simpler. She was amazed at the world and wondered why she was so afraid. One of neighbors little daughter braided her hair and put red ribbons in her hair. The little girl complimented her curly hair and she laughed until tears leaked from her eyes because she finally realized the truth she was hiding from and felt free for the first time.


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