Language Barrier | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the sun! This weather is simply gorgeous and it doesn’t make you drowsy, but I think it can make you feel rather empowered. While the world’s out being beautiful, why don’t you do something you love to do?  Go out and conquer the world!

I also want to improve this blog more, so feel free to let me know what I should improve on. I’m planning on adding a Quick Piece breakdown as well as more personal reflections. Look forward to more exciting things on this blog!

“Language Barrier”

My second language is Chinese
and yours may be English.
My first language my be kindness
and yours may be great jokes.
I stumble over some words or I
can’t find the correct word to match
what I want to say.
I speak softly and I often
have to repeat myself.
I may mispronounce things or
my grammar might be off.
People may take advantage of me
or misunderstand me.
People may think that’s all I am
when I am so much more.
Don’t underestimate me
because I am so much more
than what you see.

This poem was written during National Poetry Month for the 30/30 Poetry Challenge. It’s even more relevant to me since I had just come back from a trip from China a week ago. While I was at China, a lot of my relatives commented about my lack of communication. It was because I wasn’t really comfortable speaking in Chinese since I had gone for so long without speaking Chinese and I was never really comfortable talking in general. I know some international students at my university, so I understand more from where they’re coming from with regards to the slight language barrier.

In the next sentence, I talk about personality traits that I am more known for such as my kindness or my joking nature. Throughout the poem, there’s a dual nature between the personality traits and the languages. Even though someone may not be able to say something or not comfortable with speaking, does it mean that they’re not uneducated. Even though someone may not be a certain way, does not mean that they are something else. Before we’re quick to jump to conclusions and assume the worse, we should hold back our judgement because oftentimes, things aren’t always as they seem. The moral of the poem is summarized in the last sentence of the poem.

I hope you enjoyed this simple poem and I’ll see you soon!




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