Quick Piece Breakdown | June 4, 2015

Hello again!
I’m back in the States after three weeks in China. It’s been really great seeing my grandparents and cousins after ten years. When I got back yesterday, the jet lag was pretty bad since I found myself falling asleep at random times, but after a solid night of sleep, I’m back to my normal schedule.

I hope you enjoyed reading the Quick Pieces. They were written after I took a week break from writing since I was having major writer’s block. Instead of the regular Poetry Breakdown post, I’m going to breakdown the Quick Pieces. Please let me know if you would like me to start doing Quick Piece Breakdowns which would be like the Poetry Breakdown posts, but I would be analyzing my short stories.


Sand Castles



I wrote this piece at the end of February which would explain why there are some indications of Valentine’s Day in the beginning of the piece. I incorporated a little of my college’s weather in the piece since the weather there can get pretty wild. Anyways, this piece is basically about living your life. The main character remains nameless since it’s told from his point of view and I want others to be able to relate and learn from him. Although, the second main character has a name and it’s the title of the piece. I want him to be a more solid person and to have people know someone who is like him. A guy caught in the moment encounters an old high school classmate and he assumes that his classmate is still the same when he saw him five years ago, yet he was the one who hasn’t changed. It was only until Pete gives him a heads up on where he’s at that reminds and inspires the main character that he can do that too. Therefore, we shouldn’t envy those who appear to be better off than you, but you should use them as motivation since you can also get up there.

Sand Castles

I wrote this piece because I told one of my friends that I would make her a character in my writing, so this story is a little glimpse into our friendship. I realize that names don’t necessarily have to be full of meaning, but the way we portray the names really bring them to life. The names could be ordinary, but they way I write them shapes how their name would sound. I’m not only adding personality to the characters, I’m adding depth to their names. Names as ordinary as Emma and Amanda can grow to be even innocent little girls who have enormous dreams. This is a simple story of two young girls interacting in a day at the beach building sand castles. The themes of this piece are innocence and friendship. I wrote it mainly to focus on dialogue and building up character and it was actually a little hard for me to write this story for some reason. Maybe because it was so simple and I didn’t put any back story to the characters, so I was writing in the moment. I also write this piece to practice writing with more description instead of just blatantly saying what’s happening. We all know this as “show, not tell”.


I wrote this piece to switch up the character perspective since I don’t usually have old people as my characters. I also wrote it with the readers in mind. Basically this piece is about a grandmother telling her granddaughter about the pains of life. Her granddaughter approaches it in a innocent, yet wise way. This piece deals with simplicity and innocence again. Sometimes it’s best to simplify things. I tried to write the grandmother with as much wisdom as well as that maternal instinct that mothers of all ages have. I tried to write the granddaughter with a youthful curiosity that all young children seem to have. I wanted the wisdom to contrast and compliment each other in “Wrinkles”.

I hope you enjoyed Quick Piece Breakdown!

Have a nice day!




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