Sand Castles | Quick Piece

A little girl shot across the beach and did a perfect cartwheel, her dress blossoming around her. She spread her arms out and happily said, “Ta-da! Look, I did it!” She ran over to her friend who was also wearing a blue dress, only it was the color of the sky. The little girl was busy scooping piles of wet sand into a bucket. She overturned the bucket and a perfect mound stood tall in the hot summer’s day. “Did you see it?” the little girl in the navy blue dress eagerly asked. The little girl in the sky blue dress nodded and said, “Look at my sandcastle!” The girl in the navy blue dress nodded, but furrowed her brow. “I think it needs more…” She trailed off as she went out from under the colorful umbrella in search of sea shells. The little girl in the sky blue dress smiled to herself and then continued making more clones of the perfect rounded castles. A couple minutes later, the little girl came back under the umbrella with her arms full of sea shells and smooth pebbles. “I think you’ll like these Emma.” Emma looked up from her fifth sandcastle and said, “Thanks Amanda! You’re the best.” The two young friends smiled at each other and started building and decorating sand castles. There were times when Emma would get frustrated that the sand wasn’t good enough and the castle would always collapse and Amanda would silently help her find new sand and Emma was happy again. There were times when Amanda would accidentally knock over a castle because one of the pebbles were too heavy as a window, but Emma would just build another one and they would be happy again. At the end of the day, when the sun was touching the ocean and they had built an entire village and named it The Emma and Amanda Town, they both knew that they would be friends for a long time. Their mothers scooped them up, packed away all their shovels and buckets and snapped pictures of the magnificent town they built. Their mothers listened to them talk endlessly about each design for all fifty sand castle with patience and awe and to each begging plea for them to go to each other’s house to play. Yet when they’re at each other’s house, they would abandon all their toys and they would always recall the time when they built their own perfect world, detailing about each castle’s decorum and who would live in which castle. They always knew that they would live in the castles next to each other, the ones with their favorite pebbles and sea shells. At the end of that day, the waves gently caressed the town and swept them back into the ocean, but it would never be forgotten.


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