One Year | May 10, 2015

Last year, I started up this blog with the prompting from my good friend. It was during AP week and I actually had an AP the next day, yet I still decided on making the blog and writing a post. I never thought of all the ideas that would spring forth from this blog as well as the reception I would get from my followers.

Even though it’s just one year of having this blog, I can look back and see how much my writing has evolved. It’s really nice to have this timeline of my life and of my writing progress.

To my followers:

Thank you for your support! It really means a lot to me since I’m pursing my dream of doing something with writing in school and it really warms my heart to see that people actually read and appreciate my writing. Since my blog is linked with my phone, it’s a nice surprise to hear that cheerful ding I get when someone likes my post. I never thought that people would enjoy my Poetry Breakdown posts since I mainly did it to improve my writing. Once again, thank you for your support!

I hope you all stick around for more posts!

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2 thoughts on “One Year | May 10, 2015

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