Look Up|Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry that this week is another late one, but to be honest, I’ve lost track of time since coming home. Today feels like a Saturday and I think it’s because I’m finished with my first year of college! These 8 months flew by pretty fast and it’s amazing. I can’t say that I’m totally different, but I can say that I am different from the Alice last year.

Another exciting thing is that this blog turns 1 on Sunday! I’ll be sure to write a post (on time) to talk about how far I’ve come with regards to this blog.

Look Up

Ever find yourself on the
path of happiness
with not much care in the world
and the road is smooth, but
then you come to a crashing halt.

You tumble onto your face
and cut yourself everywhere.
Large bruises appear
and you wonder
“Why me?”

Therefore, you pick yourself up
and brush off the dust.
You patch yourself up
and continue on the road.

The road was never smooth.
There were always the bumps along the way.
The difference was whether
you were
looking up or
looking down.

This piece was written for the last day of the 30/30 Poetry Challenge and as a motivational for me. The prompt that I received was “disconsolate trajectory” which sounded poetic already. I thought about it and my own experiences inspired this poem. This poem was written the week of finals and I was also confused about my identity. I guess it’s a regular thing that college students ask themselves, but it caught me off guard.

The first two stanzas are self explanatory. Something disturbs your “perfect” day or a stray thought turns your good day into a terrible day. Then you find yourself unable to bring yourself out of this sudden disturbance. There are many days when something just ruins my day and it also seems like other people experience the same. The next stanza would be that push in the back, the extra nudge, the motivation. Whatever pains you, you push forward. Whatever you have to do, just do it because you can.

In the last stanza, my road metaphor is referring to life. We all know that life isn’t easy. Life gives us twists and turns and it’s almost never a smooth ride. If you’re constantly looking down at the ground when you’re traveling, you’ll miss the view around you and you’re more prone to falling since you won’t really see what’s ahead of you. Even though, you’re looking at the ground to see if there’s anything there to trip you up. If you’re looking up (not staring straight up), you can see what’s in front of you and your view isn’t limited.

If your eyes are towards God, then you’ll have a slightly better direction than following your own ways. Your hardships won’t necessarily completely disappear, but since you have the God of the universe by your side, what should you fear? He will bring you through and all you have to do is trust Him. It’s easier said than done, but it can be done.

I hope you all have a great day or night!



2 thoughts on “Look Up|Poetry Breakdown

  1. Well done! I really like this poem! It’s very well written. Just a quick question. Why did you use therefore to start the third stanza? When I read it, it felt a bit weird. I could just be missing the point completely though. ~K.D ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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