Polar Glares | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday as promised since I was suddenly thrown into a lot of things.

I hope you’re well and the most hectic portion of my week is over. I had a paper due on Thursday as well as a final that same day. I also had a final yesterday. For both of these days, I’ve been waking up early to go to an unused classroom with a couple of my friends to study. I find that I focus better with a group of people and hopefully that will be reflected in how well I did. Today is my rest day before tomorrow when I start studying for my math test. The great thing is that I go home in 2 days, but I also have to pack. Well, that’s enough of my complaints for now.

Polar Glares

There is no right answer.
The only answer is left.
Rocks and pebbles fall from the sky
and I manage to catch them all
without a cut or bruise.
Laughter springs into the air
only to be shot down by menacing glares.
Sauntering away and from now on
all laughter is to be suppressed
until more glares are distributed
because of the silence and polite smiles.
Eggs and vases fall from the sky
and they smash all over the ground.
I manage to dodge them all,
but what a mess!
I say ape-row-cot
you say ap-ri-cot.
Either way, someone will glare
and we will suppress our pain
to become a solid mix
when we’re all too polar
to try to blend.

I wrote this poem in the middle of the 30/30 Poetry Challenge that I did for National Poetry Month which ended two days ago. I’ll leave a link at the end of the post to my deviantart with the poems I did this month. The prompt I received for this poem was No Right Answer and I wanted to write something that didn’t quite follow the prompt so I wrote without really trying to fit into the prompt. I let my writing go wild. As a result, the poem came out kind of abstract. I made sure to have it be coherent, but I wrote what came to my mind.

Basically this poem is about making your own choices and not following society too closely. Do what you want to do! “Rocks and pebbles fall from the sky and I manage to catch them all without a cut or bruise.” This line pertains to going through a lot of hardship and managing them. I change the subject and start talking about society not always accepting differences. This line could be taken literally for some people actually have strange laughs and they get weird looks. It could also mean that person is doing something they love and they get put down. From that, the person is afraid of further expressing themselves and we find ourselves doing the same things because of what was done to us. “Eggs and vases fall from the sky and they smash all over the ground.” Eggs and vases are more fragile and will cause a greater mess than rocks and pebbles. This means that the hardships weren’t managed well and I point out in the next line that it caused a mess.

The next line addresses the differences we all have based on the pronunciation of apricot. Depending on where we’re from, we all say it differently. I like asking people how they say it as a conversation starter. Anyways, I go on to say that if we get scorned for our differences, then we’re just going to hide them and try to blend in with everyone else eve though we’re all definitely not the same so it’s difficult to hide our differences.

Here’s a little science lessons for you. A polar molecule is a molecule that has an electrical charge due to an uneven distribution of atoms. In the context of my poem, we all try to be the same by scorning those who are different than us, but by doing so, we also are different. When you try to mix something that is polar and non-polar, it won’t go together. You could also interpret the “polar” as cold.

The moral of the story in this slightly complicated poem is that do what you love to do and don’t put down others who do so.

My poems for 30/30 Poetry Challenge 2015

30/30 Poetry Challenge

I hope you have a great day!



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