Wrinkles | Quick Piece

I saw my granddaughter sneaking around the corner of the house and I smiled at her. “Grandma! What are you doing?” she asked, while climbing onto my lap. I set my book down and pulled her close. “Well, dear. I was reading a great book with a great story, but I’m going to tell you a story of my own.” I said. What was I going to tell her? I had already told her about all my adventures. I looked into her deep brown eyes and sighed. “Grandma, are you sad? My friend told me that when people sigh, they’re sad.” she asked with deep concern. I patted her on the head and said, “My dear, yes, sighs can mean that, but it also means that I’m full of thoughts and I need to empty them out sometimes.” She cuddled up to me and said, “Okay, grandma. I’m ready for that story now.” I looked up at my wrinkly hands holding her and then I rested my gaze on her sweet face. This story must be told.

“There are times in your life when you wonder why. You wonder why you’re doing something or why you’re even living. There are plenty of times in your life when you’re so happy and you just know that everything will surely be okay. Yet, for some reason, we also focus on the times that hurt us rather than the times that are full of happiness and joy. My dear, there have been times when I cried by myself. There have been times when I’ve fallen and no one was there to help me up. My dear, there have been times when I was so angry with everything, but there was no one there to yell at to change them.” I start off with a gentle whisper and I find myself shaking with energy. I look down at her and she smiles up at me. “This is a new story, grandma, but I like it.” I smile weakly at her and continued.

“There have been times when I’ve been left in the dark and then thrown into the light that’s too bright for me. My dear, things aren’t going to be easy, but as you can see, I am old and weathered. I’ve survived and not only did I survive, I lived.” I finished with a smile. She patted my hand and gently said, “Grandma, I’ve always thought you were so strong. That’s where you got the wrinkles from, right?” I smile and tried my best to hold back my tears. Children always have so much innocent wisdom. I sigh deeply and close my eyes. I stayed like this for a while until she nudges me and whispered, “You must have a lot of thoughts. I don’t want to breath them all in!” I laughed and sniffled loudly, “I’m going to inhale all of your thoughts!” We spent the rest of the night trying to breathe in each other’s thoughts until she was too tired to move. I had my husband pick her up and put her to bed and in that time alone; I smiled to myself and looked down at my hands. Yes, they may be wrinkly, but they’re because I endured and lived. I’m full of thoughts, but tonight, I released all my pain of life. I picked my book up again and continued reading, but with a new light.


Sand Castles | Quick Piece

A little girl shot across the beach and did a perfect cartwheel, her dress blossoming around her. She spread her arms out and happily said, “Ta-da! Look, I did it!” She ran over to her friend who was also wearing a blue dress, only it was the color of the sky. The little girl was busy scooping piles of wet sand into a bucket. She overturned the bucket and a perfect mound stood tall in the hot summer’s day. “Did you see it?” the little girl in the navy blue dress eagerly asked. The little girl in the sky blue dress nodded and said, “Look at my sandcastle!” The girl in the navy blue dress nodded, but furrowed her brow. “I think it needs more…” She trailed off as she went out from under the colorful umbrella in search of sea shells. The little girl in the sky blue dress smiled to herself and then continued making more clones of the perfect rounded castles. A couple minutes later, the little girl came back under the umbrella with her arms full of sea shells and smooth pebbles. “I think you’ll like these Emma.” Emma looked up from her fifth sandcastle and said, “Thanks Amanda! You’re the best.” The two young friends smiled at each other and started building and decorating sand castles. There were times when Emma would get frustrated that the sand wasn’t good enough and the castle would always collapse and Amanda would silently help her find new sand and Emma was happy again. There were times when Amanda would accidentally knock over a castle because one of the pebbles were too heavy as a window, but Emma would just build another one and they would be happy again. At the end of the day, when the sun was touching the ocean and they had built an entire village and named it The Emma and Amanda Town, they both knew that they would be friends for a long time. Their mothers scooped them up, packed away all their shovels and buckets and snapped pictures of the magnificent town they built. Their mothers listened to them talk endlessly about each design for all fifty sand castle with patience and awe and to each begging plea for them to go to each other’s house to play. Yet when they’re at each other’s house, they would abandon all their toys and they would always recall the time when they built their own perfect world, detailing about each castle’s decorum and who would live in which castle. They always knew that they would live in the castles next to each other, the ones with their favorite pebbles and sea shells. At the end of that day, the waves gently caressed the town and swept them back into the ocean, but it would never be forgotten.

Pete | Quick Piece

The sun was shining brightly despite it being in the middle of February. Red, foiled chocolate wrappers littered the ground as well as spontaneous pink and white confetti. I walked alone, down the street to my favorite store. Today, I didn’t have my ear buds in, so I couldn’t walk to the beat of my favorite songs. I walked to the sound of the howling wind and distant conversations. I was so lost in my thoughts that I nearly fell into a pile of slippery slush. I hoped no one noticed my flailing arms and the little squawk I gave. I continued walking until I heard a voice call out behind me, “Hey, I know you from somewhere!” I turned around and looked through the mound of people, making their way around me. “You haven’t changed at all.” the voice continued as I looked around aimlessly through the crowd. I moved to the side of the sidewalk and finally saw who was calling out to me. A short and chubby man came hustling over to me, his beanie bobbing up and down with each step. He sat behind me in my history class, senior year of high school. I wasn’t friends with him ever in school and we had only talked a couple times. Why was he here? He caught up to me and said, “Man, you’ve gotten tall!” I shrugged and said, “Maybe it’s the weather here.” He gave me a strange look and leaned against a pole. “So, how have you been? I haven’t seen you in what, five years?” I nodded and looked around. “Yeah, it’s been five years.” He looked me square in the eyes and said, “You don’t know who I am.” I inched back a little from him and said, “Well, you sat behind me in history back when we were in high school.” He sighed deeply and shifted his weight. “I’m Pete.” Memories started flooded back to me of how we all used to make fun of him by calling him Pete the Beet. I shifted uncomfortably as he moved toward me. “I knew you guys called me Pete the Beet and I did not appreciate that! I was more than that!”I nodded frantically, desperately wanting to get out of this odd situation. “Yes and I’m sorry. We’re adults now and we can move on. I actually have to go somewhere, so I’ll see you later!” I quickly said, squirming out from his grasp and speed-walked to a random restaurant. He yanked off his beanie and wiped the sweat from his brow and squashed his hat back on his head. A smirk grew on his face and he yelled out, “I always thought you were like a sprout, but I’m glad you’ve grown some meat!” At that moment, I wished the building would collapse on me. I sat down at a random table completely flustered. My scarf was askew and I was completely sweaty. The waiter cautiously asked me, “Sir? Are you alright?” I nodded, untangled my scarf and said, “Bring me a beer.” The waiter shook his head and said, “Sir, we don’t offer that here. We have white wine and red wine.” I looked around and saw that I had just crashed a five star restaurant with my disheveled looks. Everyone was watching me. I got my stuff and hurried outside. I practically ran into Pete. He laughed and said, “You idiot. You seriously haven’t changed at all. You’re still unsure of what you’re doing. I know I was a weirdo back in high school, but I’ve changed. I’m married with two kids and where are you? Stuck in a job?” I looked at Pete in a completely new light. He lifted up his left hand and showed off his wedding band. He said in a softer tone than five minutes before and said, “People change with time. It’s all for the better, so you mustn’t be afraid to let go.” He walked away with his beanie bobbing up and down. I looked down at myself and stumbled back home. A thought resounded with me, I can start now.

A year later, I’m back in school, getting a degree in something I cared more about. I have an apartment overlooking a lake and I have a girlfriend. I’m also in regular contact with Pete. People do change and maybe it takes a Pete to change them.

Update | May 13, 2015

As of today, I’m flying to China so unfortunately, I won’t be able to post Poetry Breakdown too often.

Instead, I will schedule some of my short writing pieces for your enjoyment.

Regular Poetry Breakdown posts will resume June 4.


I hope you have a great day!




One Year | May 10, 2015

Last year, I started up this blog with the prompting from my good friend. It was during AP week and I actually had an AP the next day, yet I still decided on making the blog and writing a post. I never thought of all the ideas that would spring forth from this blog as well as the reception I would get from my followers.

Even though it’s just one year of having this blog, I can look back and see how much my writing has evolved. It’s really nice to have this timeline of my life and of my writing progress.

To my followers:

Thank you for your support! It really means a lot to me since I’m pursing my dream of doing something with writing in school and it really warms my heart to see that people actually read and appreciate my writing. Since my blog is linked with my phone, it’s a nice surprise to hear that cheerful ding I get when someone likes my post. I never thought that people would enjoy my Poetry Breakdown posts since I mainly did it to improve my writing. Once again, thank you for your support!

I hope you all stick around for more posts!

First post



Look Up|Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry that this week is another late one, but to be honest, I’ve lost track of time since coming home. Today feels like a Saturday and I think it’s because I’m finished with my first year of college! These 8 months flew by pretty fast and it’s amazing. I can’t say that I’m totally different, but I can say that I am different from the Alice last year.

Another exciting thing is that this blog turns 1 on Sunday! I’ll be sure to write a post (on time) to talk about how far I’ve come with regards to this blog.

Look Up

Ever find yourself on the
path of happiness
with not much care in the world
and the road is smooth, but
then you come to a crashing halt.

You tumble onto your face
and cut yourself everywhere.
Large bruises appear
and you wonder
“Why me?”

Therefore, you pick yourself up
and brush off the dust.
You patch yourself up
and continue on the road.

The road was never smooth.
There were always the bumps along the way.
The difference was whether
you were
looking up or
looking down.

This piece was written for the last day of the 30/30 Poetry Challenge and as a motivational for me. The prompt that I received was “disconsolate trajectory” which sounded poetic already. I thought about it and my own experiences inspired this poem. This poem was written the week of finals and I was also confused about my identity. I guess it’s a regular thing that college students ask themselves, but it caught me off guard.

The first two stanzas are self explanatory. Something disturbs your “perfect” day or a stray thought turns your good day into a terrible day. Then you find yourself unable to bring yourself out of this sudden disturbance. There are many days when something just ruins my day and it also seems like other people experience the same. The next stanza would be that push in the back, the extra nudge, the motivation. Whatever pains you, you push forward. Whatever you have to do, just do it because you can.

In the last stanza, my road metaphor is referring to life. We all know that life isn’t easy. Life gives us twists and turns and it’s almost never a smooth ride. If you’re constantly looking down at the ground when you’re traveling, you’ll miss the view around you and you’re more prone to falling since you won’t really see what’s ahead of you. Even though, you’re looking at the ground to see if there’s anything there to trip you up. If you’re looking up (not staring straight up), you can see what’s in front of you and your view isn’t limited.

If your eyes are towards God, then you’ll have a slightly better direction than following your own ways. Your hardships won’t necessarily completely disappear, but since you have the God of the universe by your side, what should you fear? He will bring you through and all you have to do is trust Him. It’s easier said than done, but it can be done.

I hope you all have a great day or night!


Polar Glares | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday as promised since I was suddenly thrown into a lot of things.

I hope you’re well and the most hectic portion of my week is over. I had a paper due on Thursday as well as a final that same day. I also had a final yesterday. For both of these days, I’ve been waking up early to go to an unused classroom with a couple of my friends to study. I find that I focus better with a group of people and hopefully that will be reflected in how well I did. Today is my rest day before tomorrow when I start studying for my math test. The great thing is that I go home in 2 days, but I also have to pack. Well, that’s enough of my complaints for now.

Polar Glares

There is no right answer.
The only answer is left.
Rocks and pebbles fall from the sky
and I manage to catch them all
without a cut or bruise.
Laughter springs into the air
only to be shot down by menacing glares.
Sauntering away and from now on
all laughter is to be suppressed
until more glares are distributed
because of the silence and polite smiles.
Eggs and vases fall from the sky
and they smash all over the ground.
I manage to dodge them all,
but what a mess!
I say ape-row-cot
you say ap-ri-cot.
Either way, someone will glare
and we will suppress our pain
to become a solid mix
when we’re all too polar
to try to blend.

I wrote this poem in the middle of the 30/30 Poetry Challenge that I did for National Poetry Month which ended two days ago. I’ll leave a link at the end of the post to my deviantart with the poems I did this month. The prompt I received for this poem was No Right Answer and I wanted to write something that didn’t quite follow the prompt so I wrote without really trying to fit into the prompt. I let my writing go wild. As a result, the poem came out kind of abstract. I made sure to have it be coherent, but I wrote what came to my mind.

Basically this poem is about making your own choices and not following society too closely. Do what you want to do! “Rocks and pebbles fall from the sky and I manage to catch them all without a cut or bruise.” This line pertains to going through a lot of hardship and managing them. I change the subject and start talking about society not always accepting differences. This line could be taken literally for some people actually have strange laughs and they get weird looks. It could also mean that person is doing something they love and they get put down. From that, the person is afraid of further expressing themselves and we find ourselves doing the same things because of what was done to us. “Eggs and vases fall from the sky and they smash all over the ground.” Eggs and vases are more fragile and will cause a greater mess than rocks and pebbles. This means that the hardships weren’t managed well and I point out in the next line that it caused a mess.

The next line addresses the differences we all have based on the pronunciation of apricot. Depending on where we’re from, we all say it differently. I like asking people how they say it as a conversation starter. Anyways, I go on to say that if we get scorned for our differences, then we’re just going to hide them and try to blend in with everyone else eve though we’re all definitely not the same so it’s difficult to hide our differences.

Here’s a little science lessons for you. A polar molecule is a molecule that has an electrical charge due to an uneven distribution of atoms. In the context of my poem, we all try to be the same by scorning those who are different than us, but by doing so, we also are different. When you try to mix something that is polar and non-polar, it won’t go together. You could also interpret the “polar” as cold.

The moral of the story in this slightly complicated poem is that do what you love to do and don’t put down others who do so.

My poems for 30/30 Poetry Challenge 2015

30/30 Poetry Challenge

I hope you have a great day!