Nothing | Quick Piece

I am nothing. I am worth nothing. My eyes don’t see anything. My nose smells nothing. I don’t think of anything; I have no thoughts. I am not happy nor am I sad. I don’t feel angry or melancholic. I am not full of love, hope and joy. I am not loved by my brother, my mom, or my dad. I am not loved by my dear friends. Yet, I am not disliked. I am not tolerated. I am not intelligent or full of knowledge. I am nothing. I am not full of various emotions. I am not a dreamer or a runner. I’m not full of imaginative stories with intricate plot lines and character back story. I don’t feel the warmth of the sun beating on me or the cool night air. I don’t feel the sweat dripping down my back or the rising heat of embarrassment. I don’t know what it is like to fall in love or to feel pure happiness. I don’t know what it’s like to laugh until your stomach hurts or cry until there are no tears left to cry. I don’t feel the crippling pain that love can leave or fill you. I am not anything. I am not a violinist or a singer. I am not a musician or a dancer. I am not a reader or a writer. I don’t feel. I don’t know. I am nothing. I am not amazing or awesome. I am neither dead nor alive. I am not complete. I am not whole.

I am nothing.

You are worth so much. You are amazing and awesome. You definitely deserve it. Your eyes sparkle in the light and your nose wrinkles at smells. You are full of imagination and hope. Your family and friends adore you. People may hate you, but who cares, they’re missing out on who you are. You feel pain, but you’re stronger. You feel loss, but you’re stronger. You feel embarrassed, but you’re better. You are completely relevant to the world and your community. You are a part of an enormous story and your plot line is so exciting. You are whole. You are someone.

You are everything.


This was the piece that I read at the English conference yesterday and I hope you enjoyed it!




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