Simply Being | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone,

How are you doing? I hope you’re doing well.

This Friday, I will be reading a piece that I wrote for an English conference. I’m a little nervous since I’m not that great with public speech, but I think that this will help bring attention to my writing as well as helping me out with public speech. I’ll post the piece I’m reading on Saturday, so look forward to that!

This poem is titled, Simply Being.
Business men walking down the street with their right hand holding onto their suitcases
And a shadow follows them
They carry it through the building.

Students get out of their parent’s car with a quick good bye and see you later
as they file into their school.
And a shadow follows them
even though they see their friends and compare homework
even though they receive good or bad grades

Someone sits alone in their dark living room surrounded by empty take-out boxes
and a chat room busy with greetings and invitations
And a shadow follows them
even though they don’t know what they doing
except looking for happiness

Shadow of doubts pass through us
Shadow of weights we carry around everyday
We torment ourselves with things we have to do or should do
rather than
simply living
simply breathing
simply being.

Life can get pretty hectic. Deadlines pop out of nowhere and then your friends want to hang out. Finals are coming up and the workload increases. Times like these, I just wish for a break. A moment to not think about the things that are stressing us out and to take a breather. Times like these, I just want to enjoy life and not get caught up with all the things I have to do.

In the first stanza, it’s to represent those who are successful and those who are settled. From what I can see, they have a set routine and are happy with it. This is what we’re trying to achieve- stabilization. The shadow remains unidentified throughout the poem, but the shadow can simply be a weight that drags us down. The shadow can also be the fact that there is work to be done. The shadow could be categorized as a nagging voice.

In the second stanza, it’s to represent all the students who are looking for stabilization and certainty in their future. As a student, I can affirm that it’s easy to get caught up in deadlines as well as trying to have a social life. School gets overwhelming and that could be the shadow that the student is carrying around with them.

The third stanza is to represent loneliness. This person had attempted to find happiness through other means, but it doesn’t seem like that person is very happy. All that person wants is happiness, but something is nagging them. They were just too caught up in looking for happiness rather than having happiness find them.

Although it may be difficult, sometimes we need to take a step back from the busyness. Sometimes we need a real break away instead of the YouTube videos we think are relaxing. How about a trip across the world? How about a trip across the state? How about a trip down the street? How about down the hall? Sometimes, we just need to get away whether it be for 5 minutes or for a week or maybe even a year. After we are refreshed, we can appreciate what life has given us once again.

Thank you for reading this week’s Poetry Breakdown!



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