To Live|Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone!

This week, Poetry Breakdown is back to 2:30pm GMT on Thursdays! Last week was my spring break and as you may have read from my previous post, I spent the weekend at a kendo tournament. Afterwards, I went home and it was nice being able to fully relax and see my family again. I stopped by my high school and hung around and it was nice seeing my friends again. I felt rather different, more confident, when I was seeing my friends and that’s a rare feeling for me.

This poem is titled, To Live.

To inhale and then to exhale.
To have oxygen rush through you like the speed
of sound and your thoughts
go even faster.
Colors are abundant
and smells are invigorating
and touch is everything.
To see and to know
To understand the origin and to be confused.
To pound the ground with your bare fists
and to have protection leak out from the pipes.
To love and to have it be great and painful.
To loose and to gain
everything life has to offer
is Life.

There are days when everything gets you down and you begin to question everything around you. Why am I living if this is so hard? What am I doing with my life? Where am I going with this? What is happening? What’s the point? It gets difficult when we’re stressed about this paper and we also have a test to study for next week. And we also have to meet up with someone and an hour later, we have some classes to go to. In times like that, let’s take a step back and go back to the basics to understand just how valuable our life is.

In my poem, I tried to capture how valuable life can be from how we breathe to our complex emotions and to the loses and gains of life. With every breath, we power our body. Without oxygen, we would die. Our emotions are what make us so human. We can thoroughly express ourselves through our face even if we don’t say a word. A wrinkled brow would signify discontent. Glowing cheeks and radiant eyes signify happiness. Exaggerated gestures wold signify anger. A rolling tear would usually signify sadness. Deep gazing would usually signify love. When our voices are added in, we can express ourselves even more. When we’re angry, we can shout so loud and so sharp that it can physically hurt.  When we’re happy, a burst of laughter would come out and our eyes may also crinkle. When we’re frustrated, we stomp around like something is holding onto us too tightly.  I always enjoy watching people’s emotions as weird as that sounds. It helps me write out my characters and make them seem more dynamic and alive. I also know how I want to be understood by being aware of my own body language and how my own emotions play out.

The other painful truth that life brings is how things can be taken away from us whether a friend moves away due to a job or someone passes away or someone may just leave just because they can. Everything isn’t permanent, but we should appreciate and enjoy things with moments we are given with them.

Everyone’s meaning of life or reason for living may be different, but we have reason. It’s okay if it takes you a long time to find it, but in the time being, let’s be grateful for our life.


I hope you have a great week!




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