Poke|Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re doing well! This coming Friday, I’ll be leaving for my first kendo tournament and I’ll also be testing to get a ranking. I’m pretty nervous and that’s okay because with all the built up energy, I’ll be sure to do my best. After the tournament, I’ll be going home for spring break! I’m surprised that I went through one and a half month without needing to go home. I did feel homesick, but I knew that I would be seeing my family and friends soon. Right now, the weather here isn’t like ideal spring, but it will gradually get warmer.


In a world full of punches,
there are the pokes,
jabs and nudges.
A nudge towards the right path
A poke to wake up
A jab to turn back
One may glare back
One may rebuke you
One may fall over
There may not be times
where you would always fall safely
into a cushioned mat or into the arms
of protectors.
There may not be times
when no one would say that the path with thorns
is the unwise one to take.
There will be a moment
when all you could wish for
is a simple poke after
all the punches you’ve received
from not turning back.

My friend and I have an on going poke war on Facebook since November and it has come to 2,000 pokes, which I think is  pretty insane. If there is a record for the longest poke war on Facebook, I think we wouldn’t be too far off. This poem has nothing to do with the little interaction on social media. In the process of writing this poem, there had been many drafts when I usually dump my ideas out with minimal proofreading. This poem was pretty difficult for me to write about because I was having trouble finding a resolution to the ongoing parallelism. There had to be a moral to the story and it came out a little complicated.

Throughout life, we encounter critique about ourselves. They aren’t the snarky and rude comments, but they are usually the painful words from the people we love. We often brush them off until we realize that the change is needed and then we wished we had turned around sooner. Although sometimes someone may tell you that you are doing something wrong before further damage is done, but there may not always be critique. When that happens, you would only realize your faults when you make a big mistake and then you would regret not turning yourself around hence the analogy with punches, pokes and jabs. I’ve taken a literal approach to the phrase, “nudge in the right direction.”

Take the chances while you can and it’s never too late to turn back. After all, we learn from our mistakes.

I hope you enjoyed this week of Poetry Breakdown and maybe they’ll be another post about my journey to kendo some time soon!






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