All There Is|Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone!

I’ve been quite consistent with Poetry Breakdown and I would love to know what you think! Feel free to leave a comment!

I hope this week has been well for you. At school, the windchill has reached -31 and all the students have learned to bundle up although there is always one person who is walking briskly around with just a sweatshirt and shorts. My midterms are also coming up soon which may seem dreary and tiring, but there is plenty of room for improvement.

“All There Is”

There is the feeling of hope
and the doubt that comes flooding in again, but
it is overtaken by the feeling of love.
I become afraid
of the future.
I become afraid
of loss.
I become afraid
of missing time.
And I swell with questions
Because it is in a small moment
when things fade-
fear, fright, doubt, and worries
and all there is
is Love.

Think of fear like an ocean and each thought of fear comes rolling in like each wave hitting the shore. It doesn’t appear to be ending and with every, “I become…”, I hope to invoke the feeling of being overwhelming with questions, doubts and fears. Yet, there’s one thing that’s not like the other. Among all the negative emotions, there is love.

Love is like the tiny hope left on the bottom of Pandora’s box. Whether the love comes from your significant other or from your family, there always will be love. At times, love can be painful with uncertainty and worry walking hand in hand with the powerful emotion. At times, love can be euphoric and all you can think about is all the good memories. At times, love is trust and understanding and knowing what that person likes and dislikes as well as knowing that their love is genuine. At times, love is sacrificial. Someone’s happiness may be dependent on your own happiness. You may give up time to yourself to spend time with the one you love.

Jesus died for us because He loved us.

I can never understand the full extent of how much He loves me, but I know that He does. We don’t have to ask why or how come. We just have to feel full of His love for us and pour out His love who have never experienced it before. It’s a little intimidating when you go out to tell your friends or people about God, but it doesn’t have to be through words. It can be through kindness, through prayer, through understanding, through friendship.

Know that not only are you loved by your friends and family, you are also loved by God.


I hope you all have a great day!




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