Self-Writing|A Quick Piece

As a writer, I find myself being very observant of everything from the way people talk to the way things are casually placed in a room. Whenever somebody talks, I am more intrigued in the way their eyes light up or slant downwards or how their mouth may curve upwards slightly. I feel a little sorry when I find myself drifting away from the conversation, but I’ve learned to multi-task. I would watch their hands and how they could move about their face or they could twitch while speaking like a bolded emphasis on the word. I would watch their feet and mentally compliment on their choice of shoes. I would see if their toes would be pointed towards me or if they appeared as if they wanted to leave in the immediate vicinity. If I were to share this with just anyone, I would appear very judgmental when I am simply being observant. I take pieces from life and I add them to my writing to give them more life. I take emotions and I try to squash them down into tangible words, but the words are never a true representation of what it feels like. I consider it a victory when I have satisfactorily managed to capture emotion and the way a body moves naturally just the way life flows. It may be choppy at times, but nothing is always smooth. To write is to live through things and to make things live.




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