Friends|Poetry Breakdown

Hello, everyone! I hope your day has been well!


There are times when
we’re all together
and it feels like an episode of Friends-
With all its dynamics
but with a good mixture of
pure friendship.
We would talk about our dreams
our complaints,
and nothing else would matter
except each other.
There are times when we’re not together
and it feels like the world is so empty
without the laughter
and the endless support.
I miss even the teasing
and the incredible way
we just fit together like a jenga tower
or intertwined pages of telephone books.
There is so much strength
and stability that if one falls
not only would we all topple, but
we would make sure to catch each other.

I recently started watching Friends and I wondered why I didn’t watch it earlier. The show is so timeless and the characters are so dynamic with the problems they go through and they also talk to us, the viewers as if we’re part of their friend group. I wrote this poem inspired by the characters of the show.

I jump right into the poem with the comparison to my own friend group to the Friends friend group. I start to define the basis of friendship with the trust and vulnerability that friendship offers. I also parallel “There are times…” with my friends being present and not being present.

Even though Jenga towers don’t seem stable at all, they manage to get very high and the game is usually played with a good amount of people. If you’ve ever watched they episodes of Mythbusters, they do an experiment where they put two telephone books together by putting one page over each other, so they’re are intertwined with each other. It ended up being very difficult to separate. Friendship can be very hard to separate and if one falls, someone will be sure to catch them. That’s what friends are for.

Thank you for reading this week’s Poetry Breakdown!


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