Tree|Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone and happy February! If you haven’t noticed, February is a very solid looking month with the first of February starting on a Sunday and the twenty-eighth of February ending on a Saturday.

This poem is titled, “Tree”.

There once was a tree
and there was another tree.
They were a forest.
There once was an egg
and there were eleven more.
They were a dozen.
There once was a candle
and there were hundreds of candles lit up in the night sky.
They were held in memory.
There once was a friend
and they fell in love.
They became family.
When loneliness turns into unity,
there will always be one, but one becomes

This was a weird poem for me to write since it doesn’t really have much depth. To me, this is not my best piece because it’s not really my writing style and it feels choppy. I also wrote this when I had no idea what to write.

A go on throughout the poem with a bunch of analogies with ordinary things- tree, egg and candle. The tree and the egg turn to things that are generally associated with the tree and egg. The analogy with the candle is quite sad and hopeful at the same time. I’m not very specific of who, what and why the candles were held up in memory, but that’s sort of the surprise part of the poem. That  part of the poem is pretty unexpected since in my opinion, a common thought with candles would be on a cake, celebrating a birthday. Instead, I opted for a bittersweet picture. I turn back to a happier picture with the friends becoming lovers just to say as if that bittersweet picture didn’t happen.

Then, it’s the part I’m not really happy with how I wrote it. I remember revising that one sentence over and over again until I reached something that I could tolerate. It’s generally the conclusion, the motto, the meaning of the mess of analogies that I put in the poem. I wrote this poem for my writing class last semester and apparently my writing professor really liked it. He wrote, “Wow- Really admiring/envious of set up-so cagey and mysterious-could see you tweaking pattern without letting air out” After I wrote out the tree part, I did try to make a pattern with a surprise in the middle. I didn’t really plan out the last sentence though.

Generally, this poem is not my style and I had the mind-set in trying to direct this into the alternative literature genre, which is not my comfort zone and it came out kind of awkward. Nevertheless, I never did attempt to try to write in the alternative literature genre again.

Thanks for reading my Poetry Breakdown for this week!

By the way, I hope none of my own opinions about my poems affect how you read the poem. I’m pretty critical of my own pieces.

I hope you have a great day!



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