Green|Poetry Breakdown

Hello again! I hope you are all well and not being bombarded by the harsh winter too much!


This is the color of hope
of life
and of envy.
It tells the humble story of a peasant
and ends with the rich and greedy king.
It screams about the deadly poison ravaging through someone’s veins
and how the slimy green potion is meant to kill.
This is the color and not the only color of eyes
and how in some, it may shimmer and in others it may be a highlight.
It tells you how healthy plants may be and how they glow in the sunlight
and how the grass looks even softer than your own bed at times.
It was used by cartoonists to depict a great stink with a long wafting trail from point A to point B.
It told you if someone could claim a garden as their own or
if they wished that lover was in their arms.

If you think about colors, you know that we associate the name of the color with objects and images. It’s pretty difficult to describe a color without saying its name and using other objects as an example. With this poem, I’ve basically challenged myself to write about the color without saying the color. Well, I did use the name once, but that was just a summary in case the reader didn’t understand that I was writing about the color green. It’s also my favorite color.

As a symbol in literature, green represents new life like plants as well as envy and greed. In Disney films, the color green is often associated with evil. It’s kind of two-faced with good characteristics and bad characteristics.

Then, I go on to talk about peasants and a king. I always pictured peasants wearing kind of a forest green cloak as they huddled around, picking firewood for their humble huts. When I picture a king wearing green, I picture an emerald green with greed surrounding the king and it usually isn’t a good picture. With that kind of green, I see greed instead of the humble and subtle forest green.

In the next line, I talk about someone who is poisoned. In cartoons, poison is sometimes depicted as a slimy green that replaces the healthy red blood in the person’s veins. Green can also be the color of some people’s eyes, but it’s not the same green as the grass. It’s more of a golden shimmer or a blue tint or it could even be a subtle detail.

In the summer, when there is plenty of sunshine and when the grass thrives, it appears to be a very vivid green. I remember lying in the grass and never wanting to get up because everything was so perfect from the temperature to the blue skies with white clouds. I was perfectly at peace until the bugs started wondering what I was doing in their perfect world.

I go back to exaggeration of the usage of green in cartoons and this time, I think of when something is especially smelly and it leaves a visible trail from the smeller to the stinker. The cartoon would follow the trail with their nose up in the air until their find the thing in a trash can. Finally, I talk about plants and how proud you would be if you saw your own garden, healthy and green and I talk about the symbolic meaning of green- jealousy.

I must say that I’m pretty proud of this piece since it’s a style I’m the most comfortable with, but with a prompt that’s a little difficult. I feel like this poem gave off a lyrical tone that flowed neatly with each representation of the color I put in. This poem is just a pile of things and symbols that contain different hues of green that could have so many different connotations. Maybe I’ll do all the colors to further this color series.

Thank you for reading this week’s Poetry Breakdown and I’ll see you next week for another Poetry Breakdown.



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