To be a quiet person, to be practically hidden in this loud world, is not usually looked upon favorably. People beg and plead for you to simply hear your voice, to give an opinion and to leave a mark on the world. Yet sometimes, I just want to listen, observe and absorb and my voice is not always needed. It becomes a personality trait and sometimes a hindrance since people are always pushing my voice out and if I don’t, then they assume I’m keeping it all to myself. The simplest reason is that I really don’t have anything to say or add to the current conversation. It may also be that I am not really comfortable given whatever situation I may be in.  It seems to be going along well without my input and I’m okay with it. When the attention is directed to me, I’ll answer quickly and to the point, but I also feel a little pressured since I’m not a regular talker and my voice gets stuck into the spotlight and everything I say, seems to be monitored.

To be a talkative person, is not something I can usually attest to, but if one continually talks without a break for others, then they would maybe be seen as wanting for all the attention. They may be seen as too quick to jump without waiting for a conclusion. They may be viewed as unfair. When in reality, they may be excited to share their thoughts and they may also feel comfortable with the audience. Given whatever situation they may be in, they could be the only one talking because they’re telling a really interesting story and no one wants to interrupt.


What should you do?

Just be yourself






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