Letter to Myself|Poetry Breakdown

Hello again, I suppose I’ve restarted the series again.

I wrote this poem for my writing class and it’s titled, Letter to Myself.

If you were to get anything out of your friend’s words,
from the memories to the deep intellectual conversations,
please remember this: Don’t worry.
They really mean it and they really do care about you.
Don’t doubt it. There’s a reason you’re friends.
If you were down in the dumps again and all you want
are familiar faces so you won’t feel so alone,
please remember this: Don’t worry.
The clichéd saying goes, you aren’t alone, but think of all the brilliant inside jokes you have
as well as the memories that just like to keep adding onto each other.
They won’t forget about you.
If you were to think about what career path you’re going to take and if you wanted the small house or the mansion and how many children you may want,
please remember this: Don’t worry
Because it doesn’t get you as far as your dreams would.


I like to think of this poem as a “happily-ever after” poem. What I mean by that is that it invokes feelings of hope and satisfaction just like a fairy tale with a happily ever after ending. I wrote this poem mainly to reassure myself because every time I talk to my friend about the troubles I’m having, he responds with “don’t worry”. And I’m sure people have these doubts as well.

There is a specific structure to this poem and that could be one of the reasons, it may be my most poetic sounding piece. There’s only one stanza, but if you did break it into stanzas, the poem would have three stanzas. Each “thought” starts with an if-statement that would be something that could potentially be a thought to occur in your mind. Then, I stuck in the comforting thought, the pat on the back followed with the repeating, Don’t worry. I sandwiched Don’t doubt it between the don’t worry just to keep things fresh. This poem is quite a straight forward poem with a resounding message. I gave it the title,Letter to Myself” because like I said before, to not worry is a reminder that I constantly need. If I were to send out the letter, it would be sent to my past self, my present self and my future self. And I feel like I’m not alone with my need for the reminder.

I hope you liked this Poetry Breakdown and the poem and I’ll try to maintain this series in the new year.




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