Temporary|December 17,2014

It’s kind of crazy how dependent our lives have been ever since smart phones have come out. I have never considered myself one who was always using my phone, but after I lost everything on my phone due to my stupidity, I realized that I needed my phone.

Initially after getting a fresh and resetted phone back, I was shocked since my phone was technically not mine because most of my identity was gone-All of my pictures, apps, contacts and messages. I didn’t really mind about the apps, but it was the meticulous placement of my apps and the thought that I had to put them together again really unnerved me. The prospect of fishing numbers from people and putting in all their information back gave me the shivers as well as setting up my wallpapers.

I don’t usually get texts, but I do read through my past texts like a dialogue in my head. To me, past texts are a journal entry of what happened. They’re conversations between me and the recipient, but only in text form. They really comfort me when I reread them with the reasoning that I had a conversation with that person. Now that they’re gone, I feel empty. Almost like I have never talked to that person when that is certainly not the case.

I’m writing this blog post mainly for my own comforts. I want to get over the fact that I lost everything on my phone and that things just move on. I want to tell myself that even if all my contacts are gone, I still remain their friends and those moments aren’t erased or replaced. I want to tell myself that everything is temporary and I shouldn’t have placed most of my identity on something that I can hold. My identity should be something that I am sure of, not quite something that I have to depend on. The wallpapers and my grammar usage don’t actually mean anything. As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.

As of now, my phone is a bridge between me and my friends and it is not something that I should ever depend on. It’s just a phone. Yes, I agree that it can save lives and connect people, but aren’t there other ways to talk with people?

What I’m trying to get as is:

– Don’t place your worth on something temporary

In my opinion, someone is defined by their personality and how they handle the world in regards to their maturity. They are not defined by their grades, what school they go to, how many Snapchats they have sent, how many likes or reblogs they get, how many contacts they have, what clothes they wear and even what job they work at. People are complicated beings and we should pride ourselves in that. We are not our phones and blanks we fill in. I think that identity just keeps on piling on and there’s no real limit to what defines you. It will definitely take a long time to discover who you are and we’re all doing so with every moment that passes.

Well, I suppose I’ll take a deep breath and look at my phone differently. I’ll seek to talk to more faces rather than typing out words on a small keyboard. I’ll interact more with the world rather than through a phone. This won’t be easy, but I had to learn it the hard way.

I hope you had a great day and don’t forget to be yourself!




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