I am a horrible blogger|December 5, 2014

I am indeed a horrible blogger. I have no sense of time and I am super forgetful.

I hope you forgive me.

There’s nothing I can really do to compensate for all the lost time on this blog because I know that I’ll continue to forget.

I am completely human and I am just a freshman in college. What can I do?

Oh, I can do so much, but not enough.

I thought I would give you guys an update on how I’m doing.

The first semester ended and it’s finals week. I’ve been procrastinating a ton, but I’ve found that everyone does as well. The thing I’ve learned in college is that no one is the cool person anymore. Everyone is weird and messed up. That’s what brings us together. You won’t learn that in your gateway class.

It’s really weird that I won’t be seeing the same people I’ve been seeing for 3 months in my classes now. I’ve gotten used to their mannerisms and I recognize them by their voices and the back of their heads. I know about when they usually come in and who they walk into the classroom with. This is basically one of the interesting perils of being a writer. I’m super observant and people may perceive me as being a creep or really judgmental when I’m just…looking.

As for NaNoWriMo, I wrote 46,171 words which is very close to the 50k. I’m rather proud of my achievement and I’ve definitely improved if you would compare my progress with last year’s. Last year, I got up to about 25k since I was balancing college apps, homework and a 50k novel. This year, I had more time until I went back home and dedicated more of my time with hanging out with my family and friends.

Yes, I went back home for Thanksgiving break for 10 days and I got to see all my lovely friends again. I’m really liking the hello hugs, but I always dread the goodbye hugs. I dislike goodbyes. I wish I never had to say goodbye and that I would stay with all my friends forever.

In a more positive mood, I will be going home in about 8 days for a month for winter break. Of course I’ll be lounging around and simply enjoying all the privacy and the freedom I have. In return, I have to do the dishes and I don’t mind one bit. I’d much rather do the dishes in company than around strangers.


So, I wrote a blog post. I’m still here, but I can’t always guarantee the best. What do you suggest that I do?




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