Bad Writing|Poetry Breakdown

Happy October, the month of chilly days and pumpkin flavored everything!

This poem is called “Bad Writing”

Ever since
compliments flew in
like rocks,
I get hit in the head
and pass out.
A poem
looks like one
only because
multiple times.
And that is the end

In my writing class, my professor challenged us all to write a piece that we considered bad, so I went for complete randomness and minimal descriptions. It’s obviously not my style which I believe is very straight forward, but still descriptive with lots of analogies. I think that my attempt in writing bad is pretty bad because there’s no point in it, but my professor thought otherwise.

“HA! Totally fails as bad writing-really liking the edge and sense of absurdity/satire in this”

After reading my professor’s comment, I could see where he’s coming from. We tend to be more critical on our own writing and the readers don’t have any back story or emotion to the words until after they read it. I think that good writers can mimic the feeling that they felt through the hard words so the reader can feel the exact.

Plus, we never can write badly. Everyone has their own opinion of what good and bad can be. Also, if you’re told to write “bad”, then you’re going to be writing with a more free style because you’re not restricting yourself to your own expectations. I roughly quote Steve Almond, “The ones who pay attention to flawed work, improve quickly” We all have written bad writing, so we know in our own heads what good and bad writing is. It doesn’t really help to compare your good writing with someone else’s good writing. We’re all different writers.

The basis of my poem is simplicity and I was just mocking my usually bad writing.

Whenever I write something that I think is bad, I get good reviews on it and whenever I am confident about my piece, I get mixed reviews on it. Actually, I don’t get a lot of feedback on my writing and it would be awesome to get some. I would love if you gave me feedback on my writing since that would help me and you with your writing.

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Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!




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