Maze|Poetry Breakdown

Hello again! It’s time to rip apart one of my poems again!

The poem I have chosen is called, Maze and It was my first piece I wrote for my writing class.

Almost like a child,
she shook with nervousness
instead of excitement.
The sleepless nights were of
worries and doubts instead of
joyful images of what would be
fantasies that revolved around
being a hero.
Almost like a child,
she feels overwhelmed by thought
instead of by size.
Her neck was not craning
to look upon the wise, but
she felt crushed-pressured
by the weight falling from all directions.
Now she is sobbing for greater things
than dirty clothes or mean bullies.
She worries for the sake of letting go.
She feels overwhelmed for the sake of growing up.
She is not a child.
She is an adult
and the world just seems even
bigger to the point that
everything is like a

I wrote this piece on the second day of classes and I was quite uneasy about the idea of college. I suppose I still am now, but I’m doing better than I was before. I didn’t like being around so many people with things moving so quickly. I didn’t like the prospect of keeping up with my friends through text messages and through Skype because even though I could connect with them, I still wasn’t with them. I also didn’t like how a majority of the campus were extroverts and that was quite difficult for me since I needed my time to be alone. There wasn’t a lot of moments in which I could find time alone since I had a roommate.  In college, I felt kind of trapped. Now, I suppose I’ve gotten used to the craziness and I’m not really surprised by anything except for the loud police sirens throughout the day.

This poem reflected how I felt during the first week of school. I felt trapped like there was no way out and I didn’t want to accept my responsibilities that seemed inevitable. I didn’t feel prepared at all and everything was being handed to me without any prep work. In reality, I had been preparing for my entire life, but I guess I was being ignorant to the truth of growing up. Sadly enough, I can’t stay naive and ignorant forever because things are going to come at me and I need to be prepared or not. I know I will be exposed to things whether I like it or not and I guess that’s the way  this “reality” works.

And it seemed to me that everyone couldn’t wait for college while I kind of dreaded it. I didn’t really know what to expect. I had trouble adjusting, so I had difficulties sleeping and I compared that with the anticipation of a 5 year old, the night before the first day of kindergarten with the first night before my first day of classes. There’s a great contrast between the two.

So, that’s basically my back story of why I wrote this poem. It’s pretty pessimistic regarding my viewpoint on college and I’m sorry about that. It’s been difficult for me to adjust even though it’s been 2 months.


Thank you for reading this week’s Poetry Breakdown and I’ll see you all soon.




Update|October 20, 2014

I’ve neglected Poetry Breakdown again, but I’m seriously trying my best to keep in order.

I just thought I would give you an update of how I am.

Just so you know, I have a couple of drafts that I am slowly writing so that they will be the best when published. Also, I am planning for NaNoWriMo, which is in 11 days! Are you doing NaNoWriMo? If so, have you started planning?

This weekend, I got to go home. I was only 3 days and 2 nights, but it was the best weekend I’ve had this Autumn. I didn’t tell any of my friends at home that I was coming home. I may have alluded to it to some people, but it was something that they may of briefly thought about, but placed as something improbable. I tried filming their reactions, but I completely failed because the hugs started coming in. That’s a valid excuse! 🙂 It felt so surreal to be among my friends, even if it were for a couple hours. I spent my Saturday lounging around in my room and enjoying my family’s presence and simply relaxing for the first time. The truth is, YouTube videos may be great to watch, but they don’t really relax you as much as going home.

I left Sunday afternoon and the hugs flooded in again. I promised that I would see them in one month when we’re not as busy. There are two kinds of people. One kind says “Welcome back!” and the other says “Why are you here?” I find that rather curious.


I usually try to write blog posts at night, but I’ve been finding the I write them in the afternoon since I have this class at an obnoxious time- dinner time which shifts my dinner time back and by then, I’m super tired. Yes, it’s quite hard to recharge when you’re an introvert in an extroverted university, but there will be times when you are able to enjoy time to yourself.

This week, I have a Biology test which is today (I should be cramming) and a Chemistry test on Wednesday. I need my best interest to not be distracted to and to actually attempt to study and get some material into my head that’s often too full of dreams.


Well, that’s what’s going on with me.

How are you?

I hope you have a great day!



Smart vs. Stupid|October 14, 2014

There is no such thing.

Maybe it was the factor of studying to reach the factor of “smartness”

Maybe it was the factor of being told that you were a smart child when you were younger only to “disappoint”

Maybe it was that life moved faster than you had anticipated and you found yourself panting to catch up

Whatever it may be, there is no such thing as being smart or stupid. I think it’s silly to categorize such minds into two daft words.

First of all, no one is remotely stupid. Everyone has their own opinion of stupidity, but I really believe that no is no such person as a stupid person. If you think you’re a stupid person, then stop telling yourself that. You are not entirely stupid. There is much more to you than just being stupid. The dictionary definition of stupid is lacking common sense or intelligence. The next question would be, what is determined by how much intelligence one has? Would a grade point average have anything to do with it? Would how many languages have anything to do with it? Would having a keen ability to communicate with people flawlessly have anything to do with it?

Intellect is just how much knowledge you have and that is only determined by you. I cannot tell you, you don’t have enough knowledge because I don’t know how much there is in your mind. I think I am pretty knowledgeable in writing and history, but definitely not in the maths and sciences. If you know me, you would probably think I’m pretty proficient in the sciences because I’m taking Biology and Chemistry at the same time, but you don’t know how I think and how I process things.

I also don’t think that everyone is smart as well. There are much better ways to describe someone’s mind capacity than the overused word, smart and intelligent. The word, wisdom, has a different definition. The dictionary definition of wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgment.  Another definition given is the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment. Both have something pertaining to judgement.

If you’re called wise, than you should feel honored and humbled. Because of your experience and how you responded to them, that would determine how wise you are.

So, the moral of the story is that everyone is unique in their own way. You can’t really categorize someone to be smart or stupid. Plus, there are always much better words to compliment them on and it doesn’t even have to be about their “smartness”. Some ways of completing someone could be on their smile or how they lit up the room not by the way they dressed, but by how they presented themselves. You could also compliment someone on the way they made you smile or how they have simply been there for you.

I feel like we have been brought up to only think that there are only smart or stupid people. If you don’t think that way, then kudos to you. We should expand our perception on people and not assume everything. For all you know, the person who is getting straight A’s or has a successful business is struggling emotionally. Someone who is not doing so well in school and doesn’t really present themselves very well does not mean that they are a slob. For all you know, they could be perusing a research factory.

So, be kind and everyone does not fit j to one word. People are multi- dimensional beings.

I hope you got some of that even though I may have contradicted myself a couples of times…
Just be kind.

Have a good day!

Bad Writing|Poetry Breakdown

Happy October, the month of chilly days and pumpkin flavored everything!

This poem is called “Bad Writing”

Ever since
compliments flew in
like rocks,
I get hit in the head
and pass out.
A poem
looks like one
only because
multiple times.
And that is the end

In my writing class, my professor challenged us all to write a piece that we considered bad, so I went for complete randomness and minimal descriptions. It’s obviously not my style which I believe is very straight forward, but still descriptive with lots of analogies. I think that my attempt in writing bad is pretty bad because there’s no point in it, but my professor thought otherwise.

“HA! Totally fails as bad writing-really liking the edge and sense of absurdity/satire in this”

After reading my professor’s comment, I could see where he’s coming from. We tend to be more critical on our own writing and the readers don’t have any back story or emotion to the words until after they read it. I think that good writers can mimic the feeling that they felt through the hard words so the reader can feel the exact.

Plus, we never can write badly. Everyone has their own opinion of what good and bad can be. Also, if you’re told to write “bad”, then you’re going to be writing with a more free style because you’re not restricting yourself to your own expectations. I roughly quote Steve Almond, “The ones who pay attention to flawed work, improve quickly” We all have written bad writing, so we know in our own heads what good and bad writing is. It doesn’t really help to compare your good writing with someone else’s good writing. We’re all different writers.

The basis of my poem is simplicity and I was just mocking my usually bad writing.

Whenever I write something that I think is bad, I get good reviews on it and whenever I am confident about my piece, I get mixed reviews on it. Actually, I don’t get a lot of feedback on my writing and it would be awesome to get some. I would love if you gave me feedback on my writing since that would help me and you with your writing.

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Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!