General Adjectives

There are certain adjectives that I call general. In other words, they are bland adjectives and I try not to use them too much. I don’t really know how to explain it, but a list would help out.

Here’s my selection:

– nice

– good

– delicious

– pretty

– exciting

– bad

– cool

– awesome

– hot

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use them at all. It’s just that you can do better than these words. These words are kind of bland. When you’re using delicious to describe a plate of food, what does delicious taste like?  You could use delicious to start off the description, but and then you could build off with steamy, toasty, spicy and all those colorful adjectives. The moral of this story is to expand your vocabulary. It’s alright to be still learning new words. In fact, you’re learning something new everyday, which is generally what living is all about.
So, don’t be general, be colorful and expand your vocabulary. It’s a bright world out there.


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