Shadow|Poetry Breakdown

I’m sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve  been busy with moving into college and getting settled in. I’m taking a writing class and I’m really enjoying it with the professor who just goes with the flow and just how relaxed the learning environment is. Oh, I’m also sorry that this Poetry Breakdown is not on a Thursday. I’ll try my best to get back onto the regular schedule by next week.

This poem is called “Shadow”. I wrote it June 7.

The feeling of watching yourself become
less and
like a shadow exposed to the bright light.
I just fade away without a trace.

The feeling that you just can’t leave.
It likes to follow you around and dampen your soul.
It acts as a reminder- such a harsh reminder.

I know what being accepted feels like.
I have felt the light, but I’ve grown so cold.

Now, when I am accepted
I look for the ones
Cast away and
Faded out
Because NO ONE deserves to feel that way
No one


This entire poem is basically my description of loneliness captured into an allusion of a shadow. According to Wikipedia, a shadow is an area where light from a light source is obstructed by an object. For me, the feeling of loneliness starts when someone turns their back on me like I’m no longer included in the group so that I can’t hear or see anything. And I would be the result of being blocked, a shadow, something that just follows. I use the term, shadow, as not a really good word. Why be in the dark when you can be in the light? When you shine a light onto a shadow, it disappears. The feeling of loneliness can also be described as a disappearing shadow as well as the actual shadow.

In the second stanza, I get right to the point and directly address the lonely feeling and how there just seems to be no escape from it. Wherever I go, I always find myself lonely.  In the next stanza, I’m discussing my past experiences in which I wasn’t lonely, but I have forgotten what it feels like because it has been a while.

In the fourth stanza, it is fast forwarded to when I finally broken free from the trap of loneliness, but the word when connotes that I am not always free from the trap. Because of everything I went through, I promise myself to seek others out so that they can be free from the trap as well since no one deserves to feel that way.

I want to add in the end that this is basically my mantra for life. I am a very quiet person and people may misinterpret that to ignorance or arrogance which is not true in all times. I am quiet because I either don’t have anything to say or I am not quite comfortable in saying what I would like to say. Being a quiet person is simply a personality trait of mine and I am not judging people with my silence. Oftentimes, I just don’t have anything to say. It’s also all about perspective. Do not be too quick to judge. Try to put yourself in everyone’s shoes as cliche as that sounds-just try to understand. If you don’t have all the pieces of the story, it may be okay to just ask, if not then just let it be. There will be a time when you will know the entire story of someone. Whenever I see someone by themselves, I know that it isn’t very good being by yourself and then seeing everyone having fun. I try to go over to them and just say hello. By doing so, I’m overcoming my own shyness and helping the other person not feel so bad about themselves. That hello may be the only hello that they hear from somebody.

And so the moral of the story is don’t jump to conclusions too quickly and to break out of your own comfort zone to bring comfort to another.


Good day,



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