Back to Life|Poetry Breakdown

And it’s that time again! Here’s poetry breakdown for this week.

Back to Life

In the depths of my heart,
resides a monster.
A monster who is a savage.
A monster who is a thief.
A monster who only wishes evil doing.
A monster who grows larger.
In the depths of my heart,
resides Fear
and it is the feast for the monster.
Together, they build.
Together, they destroy.
This cage around my heart, soul and mind is
I feel so brittle.
I feel so fragile.
I feel like an explosive.

Yet with my anxiety,
I will hone it into a sword
and break free from my cage
and bring my heart, soul and mind
back to life once more.


This is a poem I wrote after I had a series of anxiety attacks and I needed something to motivate me since I was feeling quite down afterwards. My format of the poem is basically two stanzas. The first stanza is a description of what I think my anxiety is and the second stanza is basically my motivational speech for myself. It’s my mantra whenever I feel anxious.

The first stanza is filled with parallelisms starting with the line “In the depths of my heart resides…”,which I use to highlight what anxiety can personify as to end up being mainly as fear. I capitalize fear since it becomes like a being-something that can move around and cause a person so much pain.

The lines, “A monster who…”, I use to build up more depth to the severity of the crimes anxiety does against me. And the lines, “Together, they…” and “I feel so…” are lines to build up what I am becoming and what the anxiety is doing to me.

There’s a big gap between the first stanza and the second stanza and that’s to make everything clear. The second stanza is pretty self explanatory. I start with the word yet which is basically me saying “Hold up! I’m not finished here!” The line, “I will hone it into a sword.” means that I am going to train myself to use my anxiety as a weapon to free myself from my burdens I have caused with whatever it takes just so I can live a better and not restricting, like a cage, life again.

Please excuse my run-on sentence in the last paragraph and thank you for reading this week’s poetry breakdown. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do next week’s since I’ll be moving into college at that time and I’ll be getting situated with everything. So, wish me luck!



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