Admirable Words|July 2, 2014

As a writer, I have a selection of words that I really enjoy seeing printed on books or heard. I suppose it’s the way the particular flows off your tongue or how it’s used in context with other words or just how it looks. Words are like accessories. Alone, they may look a little foreign, but when it’s paired with others, it will shine by itself and make others shine as well.

My selection includes:

Sweet: Very gentle, kind or friendly

– With this word, I have been described as a sweet person and I used to think that people were describing me like one of those candy which were so sweet that your eyes watered. When I did look up the definition, it did not say “an obnoxious candy”. I was pleasantly surprised with the definition. Although, I think it should be used sparingly because it’s kind of a general adjective. A general adjective would basically be one of those adjectives that are used a lot, but don’t have much of a meaning. I might make a list of “general adjectives” some time later.

Coagulate: Being clogged or congealed

– I just love how this word rolls off your tongue.

Profusion: Great quantity

– In using this word, which basically means big, you sound really smart. “Look at this profusion of bananas I got for sale today!”

Svelte: Thin in an attractive or graceful way

– As for this word, I like the definition. It’s a word that isn’t a “general adjective”.

Sesquipedalian: Having many syllables

– This word is just so silly because this long word has a lot of syllables that means having many syllables. I can imagine a bunch of clever English professors needing a word with that definition and so they created their own.

Fresh: Clean and pure

– This word always invokes thoughts of produce when I see it. Vegetables are great.

Supple: Able to bend or twist easily

– With this word, it invokes thoughts of rosy red cheeks. That definitely does not fit the definition. This word does sound quite bouncy though.

Sapphire: A clear, usually deep blue jewel

– I think of the gem when I see this word and it’s quite a nice color. (These commentaries are getting a little self-explanatory…)

Defenestration: A throwing of a person or thing out of a window

– I really like this word because of the history behind it. There was an event in history called Defenestration of Prague in which priests were thrown out the window because they wanted to teach them a lesson. So, here’s a fancy word to throw something out a window.

Epitome: A perfect example

Cascade: A large amount of something that flows or hangs down

Enigma: Someone or something that is difficult to understand or explain

And the last three words, I just really like how they sound.


I will of course be adding more words to my collection as I venture through the writing world. I wonder, what are your favorite words?


I hope you have a good day and don’t get defenestrated!



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