Tempest|Poetry Breakdown

Well, I suppose poetry breakdown days are on Thursdays.

This week’s poem is called:


There’s a sinking feeling
in the air
Like something is brewing
Like something is heavy
Like something bad will happen.
There’s an apprehensive feeling
in the air
Like something is brewing
Like something is heavy
Like something horrible will happen.
There’s a uncertain feeling
in the air
Like something is brewing
Like something is heavy
Like something terrible will happen.

The rain poured down
while the wind swept it around
slashing people in the face
pushing people around
drenching you head to toe
in unbearable misery.

It simmers down.
It lightens up.
The sky clears up.

What would a clear sky mean
without a tempest?


It’s the summer and there have been a lot of storms lately. In this poem, I used the image of an oncoming storm to illustrate how to turn bad things into better things. I use a lot of parallelism with the lines ” Like something is brewing, like something is heavy, like something horrible will happen.” Before a storm happens, you can almost sense that a storm will happen, but you can’t explain it. You might say “I can feel it in my bones!” That’s what those repeating lines mean except on a level of sensing that something bad will happen. I repeat it a couple times because it’s that feeling of apprehension, but you just can’t avoid. Those couple of lines take up a majority of the poem, so it’s a little hard to miss.

Before the repeating lines, I use another line that repeats, but with only one word that changes although they are all synonyms of each other. I use the words, sinking, apprehensive and uncertain as levels of growing uncertainty.

After the repeating lings, I insert a stanza that is basically the storm-tempest. You just feel miserable while the storm is occurring and the middle stanza is suppose to invoke feelings of wanting to leave the current stormy situation.

And then, everything gets better. The storm goes away and everything lightens up. I chose simple sentences without all the imagery hoping that you’ll breathe a sigh of relief by reading those lines.

In the final stanza (I don’t know if you would call one sentence a stanza) I pose a question-a challenging question. Without the chaos, we wouldn’t know what the definition of perfection. Without light, we wouldn’t know what darkness would be.

I chose the word tempest instead of storm because it feels like a more serious and tougher word and tempest isn’t used as much as storm.


And that is it for this week’s poetry breakdown. I hope you liked it and I’ll see you for next week’s poetry breakdown! Have a great day/night!





Superhero|Poetry Breakdown

Lo and behold! It’s this time again. I present to you a more upbeat poem, at least more upbeat than my other two have been.


Some heroes come with capes
billowing in pride and glory.
Some heroes come with masks
to hide the inferiority of the common person.
Some heroes come with sidekicks
who act as another set of hands
because heroes need help as well
since they’re just the same
as you are.
A hero can stand tall without a uniform
even though they are the only one.
A hero isn’t afraid of what is to come
even though they may be trembling on the inside.
A hero is also a league of heroes
when their friends stand as well.
You don’t have to be super to be a hero.
You just only have to be yourself.

This poem is my definition of a hero. I believe that anyone can be a hero and if one doesn’t think they are, then they have the potential to become a hero.

From people like Nelson Mandela to Zoella to my next door neighbor and to my best friend, they are all heroes. Heroes are people who change either themselves or other people or both at the same time.

There is not a single person on the world who is perfect. Perfection means the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects. Everyone has a flaw and that is what makes us unique, but that doesn’t mean that we flaunt the flaw, but rather we should look at it as a factor that deems as all individuals. With everyone’s flaws, we should be able to be closer since no one is higher than the other and no one is lower than the other. We should all help each other accept our flaws and each other so that we won’t be afraid of our flaws anymore.

For example, my flaw is that I worry excessively and most of the time, I can’t help myself. My worry spirals into fear and anxiety, yet my flaw don’t make me any different from you. I have decided that I will use my worry and my anxiety to help others who feel the same as I do. So, I’m working on a writing piece about anxiety. I will also write a blog post about my anxiety.

Now, the question is “how do I become a hero?” As I said in the last couple of lines in the poem, you just only have to be yourself. Embrace your flaws. Love yourself. Do things that make you happy. Live your life to the fullest. Hold the door open for others. Holding the door open for others is just as great of a deed as doing CPR. Just by being you, you are a hero. Congratulations! You are a hero.

Strange Wild Song|Poetry Breakdown

Poetry breakdown is back. Lately, I’ve been caught up with life and I’ve been stuck in a writer’s block. I suppose that’s why I wrote the entry about the meaning of life. Anyways, I’ll try to maintain this poetry breakdown for a weekly activity.

This poem is called, “Strange Wild Song”. I wrote it April 26, 2014 for the 30/30 Poetry challenge.

Strange Wild Song

I am this strange wild song.
Strangeness envelops me
with an aura of misnomers.
I spin in wild directions
with no specific dictation
in how to stop or where
I should land.
I throw my arms up
not expecting to be lifted up
only I fall forward
and huddle until I am
unable to contain myself.
I am this strange wild song
just as the wind which blows me
until I spin like I’m not spinning.
I am this strange wild song
in which this imagery exceeds me
and I stop and stare.
Have I landed?

This poem is kind of a personification of how I perceive myself. On the outside, I am quite reserved and I am sometimes standing on the outskirts of the large group. I don’t really like attention and I can tell you that I do a lot of observing. That’s what writers do! This poem captures how I think to the most basic form. I tend to think and worry a lot and at times, words cannot describe how I feel because there is just so much going on. On a regular day, my mind is generally calm with the occasional song stuck in my head.

I start off the poem by stating the title already. Titles are interesting. You either have to find it or try to discover the meaning. And here, I state this interesting title. The rest of the poem is basically an explanation of why I chose those 3 words to serve as my title.

If I broke up my poem, it would be in 6 stanzas. Each analogy is like a different explanation of who I am.

The first “stanza” would be “Strangeness envelops me
with an aura of misnomers.” Here, I am saying that I’m a little confused of my identity and I have lots of names for myself. I’m not quite comfortable of my name and what it carries.

The second “stanza” would be “I spin in wild directions with no specific dictation in how to stop or where I should land.” I am basically saying that I am not really defined by anything. I am still unsure in where to go hence the phrase, “or where I should land”. Yet, I am still moving- spinning in hopes that I would land safely.

The third “stanza” would be “I throw my arms up not expecting to be lifted uponly I fall forward and huddle until I am unable to contain myself.” This is my description of what I feel when I feel helpless. To be helpless is to have no power and when I think of having no power, I think of falling in which you cannot get out of it unless you can overcome gravity. Once it happens it happens, but you won’t fall forever. I am saying that I don’t expect much from people when I have such helpless feelings. That’s what anxiety can do. I will write a separate blog post on anxiety.

The fourth “stanza” would be “I am this strange wild song just as the wind which blows me until I spin like I’m not spinning.” I use the term spinning a lot. Spinning can have a violent connotation with flailing and dizziness and it can also have a gentle connotation like a ballerina. In this sentence, I use spinning as a gentle spin. I can sort of see the surroundings and I am not as dizzy as violently spinning. I am starting to get a hold of who I am.

The fifth “stanza” would be “I am this strange wild song in which this imagery exceeds me and I stop and stare.” Again, this stanza means that I am not defined by anything just like the words of this poem. There is a lot of imagery in my poem, but that doesn’t capture who I really am and I am not completely sure about that.

The final and sixth “stanza” would simply be “Have I landed?” Imagine a leaf being blown around by a large gust of wind. At times, it appears as if the wind is going to touch the ground, but another gust sweeps it away making it turn violently That analogy kind of summarizes that question. Gusts of wind continually sweep me off my feet, but I can assure you that I am picking up pieces of myself along the way as my journey goes on.


And so, this is the end of my poetry breakdown. I hope that was thorough enough. I will definitely try to maintain poetry breakdown for a weekly series.


Good day


What is the meaning of life?|July 3, 2014

If you search that question in Google, you will get an answer of the number 42. I don’t really know why and I suppose that’s the mystery. Anyways, I’m sure everyone is wondering what their meaning of life is. I’m not going to guarantee that I have the right answer, but I think I have plausible answers.

We all have opinions. Someone may think that article of clothing looks nice while someone else may think it to be repulsive. Someone may like this particular writing style while someone else may not understand it. I think that all opinions should be respected, but we don’t necessarily have to agree with them. There are many controversial subjects that should have an option like this. “I don’t agree with you,but that’s okay. I respect that.” I think that more people should have this thinking so there will be less disagreements. I’m sure that no one likes arguments or conflict.

I think that there are too many people who thrive for everyone’s attention so that their happiness depends on others. Every once in a while, some applause is great to have; attention isn’t a bad thing. Attention can be a self-esteem pick me up, but you shouldn’t feed on it. It becomes unhealthy. It can be used as a reward like chips, but you shouldn’t depend on them for your daily diet.

As a Christian, I strive to be more Christ-like. At times, I find it very difficult because I do get caught up with everything and I fall behind. When that happens, it helps to refocus and remember that God has a plan.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

This verse really reminds me that God is a loving and a caring God. He has all this planned for us, so we don’t need to worry. I tend to worry excessively and it causes me a lot of anxiety and unwanted thoughts. With this verse, I’m glad that I have such a caring God who loves and knows me. My worries aren’t bigger than God. There is no reason for my sadness. In fact, I should be happy.

To be happy is, in my opinion, to be comfortable. To be comfortable, is to have confidence in your own skin and nothing can really sway you. I feel like happiness is a small, yet powerful energy source. In this emotion’s thesaurus I have, it listed happiness as positive thinking, desire to spread joy and to make others feel good and being at ease with the world. There are also the physical signals to represent happiness such as fluid movements, smiling, humming, stepping lightly, an overall visage that glows…etc.


I think that the meaning of life is entitled to everyone to discover. These are a few of my meanings of the definition of this four lettered word, life. One of the main things is to respect other people and you will be respected as well and to have respect is one of the key factors of true happiness.

I sound like a sage, but I assure you that I do not have a greying beard.

Anyways, I wish you luck and live your life happily.


Admirable Words|July 2, 2014

As a writer, I have a selection of words that I really enjoy seeing printed on books or heard. I suppose it’s the way the particular flows off your tongue or how it’s used in context with other words or just how it looks. Words are like accessories. Alone, they may look a little foreign, but when it’s paired with others, it will shine by itself and make others shine as well.

My selection includes:

Sweet: Very gentle, kind or friendly

– With this word, I have been described as a sweet person and I used to think that people were describing me like one of those candy which were so sweet that your eyes watered. When I did look up the definition, it did not say “an obnoxious candy”. I was pleasantly surprised with the definition. Although, I think it should be used sparingly because it’s kind of a general adjective. A general adjective would basically be one of those adjectives that are used a lot, but don’t have much of a meaning. I might make a list of “general adjectives” some time later.

Coagulate: Being clogged or congealed

– I just love how this word rolls off your tongue.

Profusion: Great quantity

– In using this word, which basically means big, you sound really smart. “Look at this profusion of bananas I got for sale today!”

Svelte: Thin in an attractive or graceful way

– As for this word, I like the definition. It’s a word that isn’t a “general adjective”.

Sesquipedalian: Having many syllables

– This word is just so silly because this long word has a lot of syllables that means having many syllables. I can imagine a bunch of clever English professors needing a word with that definition and so they created their own.

Fresh: Clean and pure

– This word always invokes thoughts of produce when I see it. Vegetables are great.

Supple: Able to bend or twist easily

– With this word, it invokes thoughts of rosy red cheeks. That definitely does not fit the definition. This word does sound quite bouncy though.

Sapphire: A clear, usually deep blue jewel

– I think of the gem when I see this word and it’s quite a nice color. (These commentaries are getting a little self-explanatory…)

Defenestration: A throwing of a person or thing out of a window

– I really like this word because of the history behind it. There was an event in history called Defenestration of Prague in which priests were thrown out the window because they wanted to teach them a lesson. So, here’s a fancy word to throw something out a window.

Epitome: A perfect example

Cascade: A large amount of something that flows or hangs down

Enigma: Someone or something that is difficult to understand or explain

And the last three words, I just really like how they sound.


I will of course be adding more words to my collection as I venture through the writing world. I wonder, what are your favorite words?


I hope you have a good day and don’t get defenestrated!