Fear|June 17, 2014

There are many things in this world that scare me. I’m not afraid of lists though.

1. Spiders: I never thought that when you increase the amount of legs on one thing, it becomes more scary. In my opinion, there are many scary things with 4 legs, but when you double it and make it 8 legs, that is scary enough. At least spiders aren’t as big as alligators. It’s even more fearful when a spider starts running or more like, skittering across the kitchen floor to come and attack you. Yeah, I don’t really like spiders. I must say that I prefer them over a bunch of flies.

2. Thunderstorms: It’s just the fact that a random loud sound came out of virtually nowhere when the sky looked very ominous has the tendency to scare me. Yet, before the sound occurred, nature was kind enough to warn us with a brief, yet bright flash of lightening. Sometimes the thunder came as a low growl that sneaked through the atmosphere and grabbed you from behind. Other times, the thunder jumped up at you and screams in your face. Nature’s scare pranks.

3. Heights: I’ve always had the fear of heights. I guess it’s the feeling of not being able to hold on. When you look down off a side of a building, you get a great sense of awe as well as the sense of fear. Both of those feelings are intermingled within each other. All in all, your fate is known if you do fall off some height. Being scared of heights is generally being scared of death.

4. Death: I have never had anyone close to me pass away and I can only imagine just how much grief when you loose someone. I suppose it’s the feeling of never being able to see the person again-their smile, their words, their touch and their presence. All gone and all that lingers are memories.

5. My friends forgetting me: This summer is the summer before I leave for college. It may be the last time I see most of my friends. I am connected with most of them online, but we are all not going to be seeing each other down the halls anymore. We are all going to moving on and we may even forget about past friendships because we may become caught up in the college life. I am very fearful of my friends being a victim of that. This is one of my greatest fear.


So, what’s the remedy?

As for the spiders, I leave them alone. I won’t squish them. I won’t trap them in a cup. I let them be.

As for thunderstorms, I’ll just wait them out. After every thunderstorm, the sky is clear and cool. I’ll just cuddle with my stuffed panda and everything will be alright.

As for heights, I’ll stay away from them as much as I can and I’ll hold on. I’ll try to appreciate the views, but don’t expect me to be bungee jumping anytime soon.

As for death, I know where I will be going if I do pass away. I will be in God’s kingdom as well as my friends and family.

As for my friends forgetting me, I hope that they won’t. I definitely will not forget about my friends even as I am making friends at Syracuse. I only hope that my friends won’t forget, but I entrust that they remember me. I don’t really have a remedy here, but I’ll just have to trust in God.


Good day.



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