News|June 2, 2014

Two children were stabbed for no reason yesterday when they were on their way to get ice cream. One has been killed and the other is in critical condition. They were children. After hearing about this, my heart broke and a lot of questions as well as hate filled statements filled my mind.

“Why would someone do something like this?”

“What has this world come to?”

“I hope they catch the suspect and that he gets what he deserves.”

“This world is completely messed up.”

I agree that this a horrible act and that something must be done. I agree that the world is not perfect and we reside on this world. Yet, I disagree that revenge must be brought upon the person who has stabbed the children. I know that that is not the popular opinion, but if we show mercy, then wouldn’t change be more prominent?

In order to better the world, we must also better ourselves. We must try our best to have a good outlook on everything because everything has its reasons. Maybe with this incident, security would be increased in that area. Maybe the act of mercy would be more evident. Maybe it was a wake-up call.

Whatever issues that may be going around, we must try to have a good attitude. As the cliche saying goes, we only have one life. If we plan on having a sour attitude about this life, then this life wouldn’t seem to be worth much. If we attempt to see the light in everything, then this life wouldn’t feel like we were trapped here with no way out. We are here for a reason. I don’t know what God has planned for you, but I know that we should do good things.

As for this incident that happened yesterday, please pray for the 7 year old girl who is in critical condition and for the 6 year old boy’s family. 


Good day.


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