Summer|June 1, 2014

Today is the first day of June and I honestly feel like May was a blur. The beginning of May went by quite slowly because of the A.P testing. Afterwards, I don’t think I did as much work as I did the past couple of weeks. I basically went to school for two important classes and then went home to watch videos on YouTube. C’est la vie.

I have a recital tomorrow.

School is officially over in about a week.

Senior Prom is in 12 days.

I graduate in 27 days.

Everything is happening so fast that I feel like I don’t have any time to catch my breath and when I walk across the stage, everything is going to catch up to me. That is both a comforting and daunting feeling. It’s like I’m standing at the door of future and I’m fumbling with the keys to unlock the door. When I open the door, someone would be there smiling as I open the door.

I know I’ll trip and fall when I go through the doorway, but I’ll catch myself or someone will be there to catch me. When I go to college, I know that I won’t be alone. In fact, I would have even more opportunities and I should seize them and hold them tightly in the palm of my hand. Yet, why am I still afraid?

I am terrified of loosing my current friends.

I am terrified that I would become so homesick that I would never feel comfortable.

I am terrified that I would have difficulties making friends.

I am terrified of growing up and having responsibilities.

I am terrified of falling behind.

And I don’t have a reason for my fear because of my God who is behind me.

Yet, I doubt.


So here comes June. Here comes Summer. The adventure begins in which I will conquer my fear.



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