Weight|June 21, 2014

I understand that having a prime body figure is number one priority for many people. In my opinion, I believe that their priorities need to be redirected. I don’t think that it should be about the weight or about how much muscles you have, but how healthy you can be. Be as healthy as you can, but don’t make it so that you are miserable. Respect your own body and people will respect you.

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (NIV)

Loosing weight will be hard.

Breaking from your original lifestyle to start a new one is hard.

It will be hard, but in the end it will be worth it.


Good day.


Fear|June 17, 2014

There are many things in this world that scare me. I’m not afraid of lists though.

1. Spiders: I never thought that when you increase the amount of legs on one thing, it becomes more scary. In my opinion, there are many scary things with 4 legs, but when you double it and make it 8 legs, that is scary enough. At least spiders aren’t as big as alligators. It’s even more fearful when a spider starts running or more like, skittering across the kitchen floor to come and attack you. Yeah, I don’t really like spiders. I must say that I prefer them over a bunch of flies.

2. Thunderstorms: It’s just the fact that a random loud sound came out of virtually nowhere when the sky looked very ominous has the tendency to scare me. Yet, before the sound occurred, nature was kind enough to warn us with a brief, yet bright flash of lightening. Sometimes the thunder came as a low growl that sneaked through the atmosphere and grabbed you from behind. Other times, the thunder jumped up at you and screams in your face. Nature’s scare pranks.

3. Heights: I’ve always had the fear of heights. I guess it’s the feeling of not being able to hold on. When you look down off a side of a building, you get a great sense of awe as well as the sense of fear. Both of those feelings are intermingled within each other. All in all, your fate is known if you do fall off some height. Being scared of heights is generally being scared of death.

4. Death: I have never had anyone close to me pass away and I can only imagine just how much grief when you loose someone. I suppose it’s the feeling of never being able to see the person again-their smile, their words, their touch and their presence. All gone and all that lingers are memories.

5. My friends forgetting me: This summer is the summer before I leave for college. It may be the last time I see most of my friends. I am connected with most of them online, but we are all not going to be seeing each other down the halls anymore. We are all going to moving on and we may even forget about past friendships because we may become caught up in the college life. I am very fearful of my friends being a victim of that. This is one of my greatest fear.


So, what’s the remedy?

As for the spiders, I leave them alone. I won’t squish them. I won’t trap them in a cup. I let them be.

As for thunderstorms, I’ll just wait them out. After every thunderstorm, the sky is clear and cool. I’ll just cuddle with my stuffed panda and everything will be alright.

As for heights, I’ll stay away from them as much as I can and I’ll hold on. I’ll try to appreciate the views, but don’t expect me to be bungee jumping anytime soon.

As for death, I know where I will be going if I do pass away. I will be in God’s kingdom as well as my friends and family.

As for my friends forgetting me, I hope that they won’t. I definitely will not forget about my friends even as I am making friends at Syracuse. I only hope that my friends won’t forget, but I entrust that they remember me. I don’t really have a remedy here, but I’ll just have to trust in God.


Good day.


To Future Seniors

Dear future Seniors,

I must congratulate you because you deserve a commemoration for going through one of the hardest years. This year was hard for you because you had to deal with the start of important decision making that will set you through life. You had to take a bunch of tests in which numbers deemed how you were academically. Just so you know, you are all much more than numbers. You are amazing people with a unique purpose in the world. I’m sure you’ve heard that plenty of times with different wording, but it is true.

I’m going to be blunt and say that your senior year is going to be just as hard, but in the end, things will be worth it. Isn’t everything always worth it in the end? As long as there are no regrets. The main goal of your senior year is to be happy in the end. Don’t even worry if you can get a job with your major or if you can get into the university of your choice with your essay. Follow your dreams, even if it’s far fetched. This is your chance to say “This is what makes me happy and I’m going to go for it.” You don’t want to miss the opportunity.

When you’re in the middle of your college application essay and nothing, not even a cheesy joke or a cliche comes to mind and all you want to do is give up, make that not an option. Write those 650 words. The 650 words is your life story. It is pretty much the only personal thing the college will have that will make you separate from everyone else. If you don’t know who you are, never fear because it takes a while to know yourself. Just be honest about it in your essay then. Write about your journey in finding yourself if you must, but don’t let the reader know too much of your confusion or they will become a slightly confused as well. In your essay, write it like you are a proud owner of your life. Aren’t you glad to be alive?

When you’re in the middle of class and running around outside just seems so much better than sitting in cold hard chairs remember that you’re not going to be in that very chair much longer. Colleges like to see that you sat through the entire school year even after you’ve deposited and you’ve already bought clothing from your college. They would like to see that you have commitment at your own school and that you would apply that to college. You will be able to run free. Soon.

When you’re sitting at home with piles and piles of homework on your shoulders, remember what you’re doing the work for. I suggest that you have motivation just how athletes strive for a fit body and or a faster time. Strive for your best.

Quick story:  I run track and there were many times where I found it extreamly hard to go forth with the practices because I could never catch up with the others. I was always behind everyone by nearly half a lap. Yet, I pressed on and I decided that I wasn’t competing with my own teammates or with other people. I didn’t care about that anymore because I knew I tried and that was my peak. Yes,I was very proud of my teammates and I wanted them to do their best, but I knew that they were not my source of motivation. Instead, I raced myself. I wanted to try and improve my times by seconds or milliseconds even. I wanted to try to jump as far as I could. It was the factor of trying.

If someone says “you’re not trying hard enough.”, don’t listen to them because only you can determine how hard you are trying. There is no such thing as a “try-hard”. Just don’t give up.

When you are having difficulties in balancing between fun and studies, just remember that a break is needed every once in a while. It is not advised to slack off every day and it is also not advised to work until the light of day for a continuum of time. In order to have the good amount of fun and do your work effectively, procrastination is not an option. I am well aware of senioritis because I have fallen ill to it many times. And the next day, I regret the many YouTube videos I’ve watched because I am exhausted. All the future seniors should know what I’m talking about. Don’t give in. Please. Getting the adequate amount of sleep has higher priorities than rushing to beat the sunrise and slapping on a thing composed in the wee hours of the morning.

When you find yourself signing yearbooks and it’s warm outside, congratulate yourselves because you did it! You made it through thirteen years of schooling. Even though it may be hard to believe it, it has happened. Just keep telling yourself that this is what hard work is and this is where it got you. Everything is worth it and everything has its reasons. Yet, I advise you to not completely drop everything and sprint to the college life. Besides elementary school, you spend the most years in high school. Middle school was like a trial and error stage. Well, you made it past…that!

Don’t forget about your friends. Try your best to catch up with them. They were the ones who shaped the early stages of your life just as you done for others. Friends are precious. Keep them close to you. I realize you can also meet great people outside of high school years, but keep your first bunch of friends close to you.

Don’t forget about your teachers. They instructed you and filled your minds with knowledge. When you were in school, that didn’t seem very appealing, but you will soon come to appreciate all their hard work when you realize that they also went through the same thing as you did- the applications and the hard schooling only to come back and teach generation after generation of students. Plus, we are very privileged to have teachers and a proper education system in the United States because there are other counties who have to fight for their education.


And so, this is all I have to say. I hope you try to abide to some of them, yet of course, they are only a suggestion. Take heart. You’re almost there. Don’t give up.


Enjoy your summer.



“If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. But by all means, keep moving.”-Martin Luther King Jr.

I heard of this quote from my mother who basically told me to never give up no matter what it takes. That was basically what Martin Luther King Jr. was saying with this quote.

As the final stretch comes around, we must sprint towards the finish line. We have come so far and we’re not going to give up now. This is what it takes. The last 50 meters are always the hardest and you are questioning everything possible from why you started and to what made you think of this, but you must keep moving forwards even when it seems impossible.

In the end, you will be stronger and your victories will be much greater than the couple seconds of relief you would have gotten if you did slow down. The pain is worth it. Don’t give up.

“So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.”
Hebrews 10:35-36

Good Day.

News|June 2, 2014

Two children were stabbed for no reason yesterday when they were on their way to get ice cream. One has been killed and the other is in critical condition. They were children. After hearing about this, my heart broke and a lot of questions as well as hate filled statements filled my mind.

“Why would someone do something like this?”

“What has this world come to?”

“I hope they catch the suspect and that he gets what he deserves.”

“This world is completely messed up.”

I agree that this a horrible act and that something must be done. I agree that the world is not perfect and we reside on this world. Yet, I disagree that revenge must be brought upon the person who has stabbed the children. I know that that is not the popular opinion, but if we show mercy, then wouldn’t change be more prominent?

In order to better the world, we must also better ourselves. We must try our best to have a good outlook on everything because everything has its reasons. Maybe with this incident, security would be increased in that area. Maybe the act of mercy would be more evident. Maybe it was a wake-up call.

Whatever issues that may be going around, we must try to have a good attitude. As the cliche saying goes, we only have one life. If we plan on having a sour attitude about this life, then this life wouldn’t seem to be worth much. If we attempt to see the light in everything, then this life wouldn’t feel like we were trapped here with no way out. We are here for a reason. I don’t know what God has planned for you, but I know that we should do good things.

As for this incident that happened yesterday, please pray for the 7 year old girl who is in critical condition and for the 6 year old boy’s family. 


Good day.

Summer|June 1, 2014

Today is the first day of June and I honestly feel like May was a blur. The beginning of May went by quite slowly because of the A.P testing. Afterwards, I don’t think I did as much work as I did the past couple of weeks. I basically went to school for two important classes and then went home to watch videos on YouTube. C’est la vie.

I have a recital tomorrow.

School is officially over in about a week.

Senior Prom is in 12 days.

I graduate in 27 days.

Everything is happening so fast that I feel like I don’t have any time to catch my breath and when I walk across the stage, everything is going to catch up to me. That is both a comforting and daunting feeling. It’s like I’m standing at the door of future and I’m fumbling with the keys to unlock the door. When I open the door, someone would be there smiling as I open the door.

I know I’ll trip and fall when I go through the doorway, but I’ll catch myself or someone will be there to catch me. When I go to college, I know that I won’t be alone. In fact, I would have even more opportunities and I should seize them and hold them tightly in the palm of my hand. Yet, why am I still afraid?

I am terrified of loosing my current friends.

I am terrified that I would become so homesick that I would never feel comfortable.

I am terrified that I would have difficulties making friends.

I am terrified of growing up and having responsibilities.

I am terrified of falling behind.

And I don’t have a reason for my fear because of my God who is behind me.

Yet, I doubt.


So here comes June. Here comes Summer. The adventure begins in which I will conquer my fear.