Distasteful Things|May 27,2014

Everyone has their long list of their favorite things from their favorite foods to their favorite stores to shop at. Those are things that make you happy, which is characterized as having pleasant qualities. People would generally gravitate towards things that make them feel happy because I’m sure that nobody wants to constantly be unhappy.

Yet, you will encounter things that make you unhappy from bitter words picked up on the street to seemingly small things that could shape your mood into the complete opposite of what you were.

For example, I really dislike the sound of glass breaking. It is such a sharp sound and it usually occurs with little to no warning. Plus, it makes a mess and something that once was, is now lost. Also, when the object shatters into hundreds of pieces, the pieces would be sure to cut you and cause even more pain upon you. You’re already sad that something of yours is gone and now you’re injured.

I always associate the sound of glass breaking with anger. When I’m angry, I would spew words like an abandoned open faucet-words that I would never say or think, but would form and slip out due to my impulsive angry nature. When I’m angry, I would be an emotional mess. One moment I would be screaming until all the oxygen has left my lungs and the next moment I would be silently fuming in the corner with my thoughts due to my impulsive angry nature. When I’m angry, I would want to somehow physically display my anger and I would reach purposely for something breakable and throw it upon the ground due to my angry impulsive nature.

The sound of the bowl or cup breaking would snap me out of my “anger trance” and I would instantly regret everything I did and said.

Any sound of glass breaking would cause me to freeze and a state of panic would wash over me. Today, the glass cover on my lamp broke because it was loose and the swinging of the fan and the added momentum caused the glass cover to come off and shatter onto the floor. The sound and the broken pieces caused me to go in a slight panic and I was even a little angry at myself. But the pieces of my lamp was swept up and thrown away and the replacement is on its way.

I guess the moral of the story is don’t let the distasteful things hinder you. They will happen, but you cannot let it break you. Better things will happen and that is when you can remember. Let the distasteful things teach you and remember the lesson.


Good day.


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