Writer|May 20, 2014

To be a writer is to live. Everybody is a writer, but to call yourself a writer is a different matter.

I am a writer. I write poems and short stories.

As a poet, I get to play with words. I can place them upside down and turn them inside out and still make them be beautiful. I don’t even have to make them be beautiful. I can make them as grotesque as I can make them and then turn them into simple beings. If you read my poems, you read parts of my life I decide to form into words. Sometimes the words do an excellent job in describing every bit and sometimes it is difficult to capture the true essence of life because life exceeds me.

A friend once said and I’m paraphrasing it because I don’t remember what she said exactly, but it went kind of like this

“Writing is a beautiful thing because you‘re making yourself open to everything.”

I guess what she meant that it for a writer to write is to share bits of their life to better other people’s lives. I keep saying “share bits of life” To get inspiration for the writing pieces writers write, we take inspiration from moments in our lives. We read a book and a single line really moved us to write a long paragraph. We fall in love and go through many pains and memorable moments which would move us to write a segment of a romance novel or a simple poem. We witness mother nature wrecking havoc upon our homes and it moves us to write about what happened before, during and after. That is a memoir- the storms.

I write short stories because I haven’t mastered continuity of plot. Midway through my writing piece, I’ll forget about my objective and drift off into another dimension. It’s quite troublesome. If I try to outline my story, then it will just become too stiff and I’ll over think the plot. Moments like outlining make me want to give up writing. I don’t think I can though. Outlines will never be the death of me. Slowly, but surely, I’ll master writing novels.

Writing has been a stable in my life probably because I’ve always loved to read. And with the active imagination, I realized that I could create my own story where I could have control over. I remember writing my first story in third grade and it definitely didn’t stop there. I started writing poetry in eighth grade because I found that regular writing could not capture my feelings. Plus, it was also that time in a pre-teen’s life when everything becomes a slight hyperbole. From reading my past poems and my present poems, I can tell that I did improve.

We always improve right? Yes.

I’m going to keep writing and you’re going to keep dreaming. 🙂

Good day.


3 thoughts on “Writer|May 20, 2014

  1. Ooh, I love some of lines in this piece. You had me at: to be a writer is to live.
    I’d love to include some of your words in a book I’m working on where real people who write share their love of writing. It’s to inspire people that anyone can write. You name, age and where you live would be included to show that no matter what age or where you are, anyone can write.
    All good if you’re not interested, just thought I’d check.

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