Rain|May 15, 2014

I’ve never liked rain maybe because I wore glasses. Once a glasses wearer goes into the rain, visibility becomes non existent because glass doesn’t really repel water. Even if it’s just a gentle mist. I become blinded with droplets.

In the literature world, rain symbolizes change because it washes away all the dirt and in my case, pollen. You can write rain many different ways like with everything else.

She sprinted through the torrent of rain with her arm in front of her to shield the rain, but she still ended up soaking wet

I glanced out the window to find streams of water gently cascading down the window pane.

The first sentence sounded like that girl would much prefer being at home with a cup of hot chocolate than running outside in the rain. It also seems like she’s in a hurry because she’s sprinting. Whatever may of happened to her, she is not in the most pleasant mood. Meanwhile, the second sentence sounded like something out of a romance novel.

I suppose the moral of the story is


You never know what someone is going through just by how they look.

You never know how much someone is going through just by how they look.

You never will know someone as much as they know themselves and sometimes it may be just as confusing for them as well, but you don’t know that.

Be kind and help out, but don’t judge.

God is our only judge.




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