Friendship|May 11, 2014

I’m sure we all have friends and they are great. You are a friend. I am a friend.

We’ve all had those moments with our friends where you could just laugh and nothing would matter. Not even snorts. What happens after the laughter ends? Well, you continue laughing of course! Just need a breather sometimes. The sad news is that you can’t always throw back your head and laugh. I wish that was the reality, but how would we learn what sadness is if tears never came? We’ve also had those moments where we question how you even met your friend because of such differing view points. Don’t deny it. We’ve all unfortunately been there before. Yes, it’s quite disheartening, but that’s how you learn. What goes on through your minds when this scenario occurs? Do you want to leave your friend because of the one thing? I would hope not. I would hope that you pick something up to laugh about, but store what made you stop and stare.

I am not a Friendship Guru nor can I claim that I am the greatest friend in the entirety of the universe, but I do know a thing or two because I am a friend and I have amazing friends.

To be a friend:

1. Always be there, but allow some space: Your friend doesn’t have to follow you into the bathroom to make sure you don’t slip into the toilet and drown. Sometimes people need alone time and that’s completely understandable. And sometimes, it’s okay to check in with your friend everyone in a while to make sure they didn’t slip and fall into the toilet you know?

2. Listen: We all have two ears for a good reason. The right ear for one friend and the left ear for another friend. That, is called multitasking. I’m only kidding. Seriously, listen to your friend. Listen to their hopes and dreams. Listen to their sorrows and strives. Listen to them talk about that new flavor of frozen yogurt. Listen to them talk about how they had to clean the bathrooms because someone slipped into the toilet. When you listen and when it comes for you to talk, they will listen. Plus, it’s rather interesting to share parts of your mind with your friend. That’s what friends are for! One cannot handle a vast mind all by your self.

3. Encourage: To encourage is to come along side and help them out. Don’t be like a cheerleader. No offense to cheerleaders though. They’re pretty cool with their flying and leading the cheer. Anyways, when you see your friend climbing very slowly up that very steep mountain. Don’t come along side them in a limousine and a bullhorn shouting, “YOU CAN DO IT! YOU GOT THIS! YEAH! I HAVE COMPLETE FAITH IN YOU! WHOO-HOO!!” Yes, it’s nice for you to cheer, but I would love to be in that limo too. What I mean by come along side is to climb that mountain with your friend. Pray for them. Motivate them. Go on the journey with them.

4. Turn Around: If you find that your friend is drifting off into the deep end and starting to drown, but they don’t notice it, you better be the one to notice. I bet you that you do not want your friend to nonchalantly drown and you just watched them. You can save them. You can get them back. Believe it or not, you’ve got the power. You just need to have faith in God who gave you the ability to do amazing things. Now, I must use the word, “just” sparingly because it is easier said than done to put everything into God’s hands. We all falter, but we shouldn’t worry because we have God and we have our friends.

5. Laugh: A good laughter would do no one any harm. I believe that laughing will minimize stress and it will make you younger and more attractive as well as give you the ability to fly. I’m not so sure about the last one. Go ahead and tell a joke. Although, don’t tell too many bad puns. Your friends could kill you. 🙂 Laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world and it’s the one thing that I’m glad is contagious. Spread the laughter! It cures sicknesses like blueness which is a symptom when people turn blue and sink to the bottom of the ocean which is not good.

So, go and be a fantastic friend. Tell a couple of jokes, save them from the deep end and watch out for toilets. Open up your ears and hearts and save the world. God made us to be friends- bestestest friends.

Seriously, be an amazing friend.

I would end my second blog post here, but I would like to go ahead and thank all my friends.

THANK YOU MY LOVELY AND AMAZING FRIENDS. Thank you for tolerating my spontaneous weirdness. Thank you for motivating me and encouraging me. Thank you for saving me, all those times. I’m glad you’re all my friends. You’re all incredible and I will never forget about you guys.


Alice Chen





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